5 Ways To Drive Foot Traffic Into Your Retail Store

5 Ways To Drive Foot Traffic Into Your Retail Store

Online shopping is always evolving and expanding, and an increasing number of consumers are choosing to buy goods through their devices, and having them delivered. The growing success of online retail is making the running of a physical store more challenging for their owners. However, there are still plenty of customers who enjoy a trip to the shops to look and feel items and to purchase them in-store. By ensuring that you’re proactive and implementing some of the following steps to the best of your store’s ability; you’ll have a queue of loyal patrons waiting to get in before you know it.

Looking Busy

Ensuring that all sales assistants and staff are motivated and happy each day, will keep them smiling and moving around the store to complete tasks. If a potential customer looks through the window; they are more likely to be inclined to enter if there seems to be a cheery and bustling atmosphere. However, if the staff look unhappy, still, and bored; there will be a gloomy and awkward portrayal of your shop’s ambiance, which nobody will want to walk into. Check out some ways to motivate your team members here:

Get your friends and family involved by offering them a discount is they come and visit your shop in their free time; ensure that they have a thorough look around at all your merchandise, and encourage people to touch and pick up items. The constant movement within your shop will make it seem even more tempting to passers-by, and they’ll often pop in just to see what everyone else is looking at. If you have paperwork and admin to do; set up a suitable and neat space within your store to complete it in. Behind the cash register or a counter is an excellent place to sit and finish any tasks, so that you can offer your help as soon as somebody walks inside.

Working With Brand Ambassadors

Find out if there are any social influencers that live nearby, and that would be happy to show their visit to your store to their social media following. For a fee or the offer of some free goods, many online influencers, such as YouTubers and popular Instagrammers, will happily photograph their time in your store and promote what you sell. It’s always worth approaching people with an offer, as you never know who will become a fan of your store and a loyal brand ambassador.

You could use your own social media following to drive in traffic as well. Start a hashtag on Instagram or Twitter that relates to purchasing a particular item; the customer can photograph themselves in store with the item and be in the chance of winning a cash prize or product at the end of the month. You’ll be able to entice the friends and family of those who have shared an image using your hashtag, this will again, drive more foot traffic your way so that they can do the same, and boost your in-store sales.

Creating Curb Appeal

If your shop-front looks unkempt and dirty, then it won’t be a very appealing option for shoppers to enter. Check that your paintwork is kept clean and fresh, and that any signage you have, on your building or on the street outside, is clear and clean. You want the outside of your shop to look as good as it does on the inside, as people will already get a sense of what to expect when they walk through your doors. Pot plants, benches, and a roll-out covers are all excellent ways to adorn your store and welcome everyone inside.

Check to see if the street your shop resides on is well maintained; see if the road and curb need any work, and ensure that road lights and signage are in good condition. A tatty street can make any row of shops look unappealing, and people will avoid walking or driving there in the first place. If you’re worried that the street outside is negatively affecting your footfall; speak to your neighboring stores and organize contacting the right people to fix what’s needed. You can discover what can be done and when by taking a look here:, and get more of an idea of where to begin.

Holding Relevant Classes

Classes, clubs, and organized events are successful ways to drive foot traffic into your store. If you sell or specialize, in a particular product, then you could easily put together an evening group that makes your merchandise the focus. If you own a bookstore, for example, a weekly or monthly book club would be a welcome option for the local residents; or perhaps you sell kitchen and baking equipment, so a class in making cupcakes or regional foods would go down a treat.

Your shop could be the meeting place for a wellness group, or even an activity that’s completed outside of the store, like a running club, so that attendees have somewhere to grab a refreshment and leave their belongings in safety. If you sell beauty products and cosmetics; hiring a specialist is another way to tempt customers inside your store. You could hire a professional masseuse or manicurist to offer treatments to your patrons as they shop; if you ensure that the products used are available to buy, you’re likely to increase sales and secure return customers. You can check out some of the big brands that offer free fitness classes here.

Offering Special Deals

There’s nothing like promoting a great offer outside of your store to grab the attention of the passing public, so they’ll head your way. A simple sandwich board with a daily or weekly offer on it will attract regular attention, and it’s also your chance to represent your store’s personality and sense of humor. Making people smile as they walk past you will ensure that your shop stays in their minds, and they’re likely to revisit. As talked about earlier; use your social media presence to advertise anything you have on offer that day in store. And, make sure that once people arrive to shop with you; you keep up the good work to create loyal patrons who will keep returning.