Kerching! 4 Basic Ways To Boost In-store Sales


Businesses always have to answer the same question: ‘how do you boost sales?’ Your sales is the thing that keeps the company moving, like the lifeblood of the organisation. And, thanks to the internet, it is harder than ever today. There is so much competition that businesses are struggling to stay afloat. Customers would rather shop at home or from their mobile than go in-store, and is an obvious problem. The good news is it isn’t the end of the world. As long as you know how to hit back, your business should be able to keep the sales rolling in. Here is a few things that will make the fight easier.

Quick Checkout

One reason people prefer online shopping is the ease of clicking a button. Websites and apps are so quick and easier to use nowadays that it can take a matter of minutes to buy a product. You can’t do it as quick, but you can try and make your process quicker. There is nothing worse than standing in a queue waiting for the huge line to dwindle down. It is annoying and time consuming, not to mention boring. Thanks to a card reader your customers don’t have to suffer a long line anymore. Anyone with a card can go to an employee with a reader and pay for their goods on the spot. Plus you can process more people and more payments as a result.

Sales & Promotions

To get customers out of the house, you need to give them a reason to put on their adult clothes. After all, who would drive into town to shop when they can get the same goods online? Only a crazy person would do that, or a person that has nothing else to do that day. So, you have to give them a reason to get out and come down to the store. A promotion or a sale that they can’t find anywhere else is the best option. People will flock from miles around to get save money, and yes, they will even leave the house. All you have to do is promote the promotion and get ready for the onslaught.

Undercut Your Rivals

Talking of saving money, undercutting your rivals is always a good way to boost sales. Again, customers will do silly things to save a few bucks because it is human nature to want a bargain. Loyalty doesn’t exist in business, and it shouldn’t when the only issue is money. What you need to do is take a look at your pricing system and see if you can change it to your advantage. Lots of businesses price products on the high side because they see the dollar signs. If that works for you, there is no need to change. But, if people aren’t coming through the door, think about sacrificing the price for higher sales.

As you can tell, raising in-store sales isn’t too difficult. All you need is a mixture of technology, creativity and thriftiness.