Tips on Reducing Your Company Vehicle Cost

Tips on Reducing Your Company Vehicle Cost

In some industries, it is incredibly important that you own your own vehicles. This is either because you need your vehicles to look the part and act as an advertising arm to your company, or because you lend out expensive equipment that is heavy for your employees to use on-site. When that’s the case, owning your own vehicles makes keeping this equipment safe much easier. For whatever reason your company needs a vehicle (or a few!), you still need to figure out ways to cut down on the budget. To save money, and to have company vehicles that work for you, follow this guide: 

  1. Find the Model for You

The vehicle you choose will depend entirely on what you need it for. Make the wrong choice, and you will have paid for a personal vehicle that isn’t useful for your company. You want it to be able to hold the weight it can need to, pull what it needs to, and drive for as long as it needs to. Tick off all the boxes in terms of what you need, now and in the near future, and you’ll have a vehicle that lasts you years.

  1. Opt for Hybrid or Electric Models

If you work in the city, then electric models could be a great way to cut down on cost and help the environment. This means that not only can you market yourself as providing quality and fast service, you will also be able to market yourself as a green, eco-company. If you need to go on longer trips, opt for a hybrid instead. That way you save on gas costs every time your vehicles go out. The long-term savings will be worth it.

  1. Buy Used

There are some great used cars out there, and some are only a year or two old, but choosing them over a new car can save you a ton of money. This is because vehicles of any kind lose value as soon as you purchase them. That’s why you can save money by buying a car that is only a year old, even if it’s practically brand new. Buy used, save on the upfront costs, and ensure your used vehicle has great fuel economy so your car can go further for less. 

  1. Pay Higher Repayments

If you can fit it into your budget, always opt for the higher repayment rate. You want to be able to pay back your vehicles within two years, otherwise you pay far more in interest than you should. This means using a chunk of upfront cost to pay for your vehicles. You can get this money either from a bank loan or investor, or otherwise save up for it. Though it might feel like you’re paying more, you’ll save your company a lot of money in the long run.

When your company needs to own its own vehicles, you need to be smart. Choose a vehicle that gets the job done, is fuel efficient, and will last you for decades.