Are You Taking Care Of Your Workforce?

Four Signs That Its Time To Move To A Bigger Office

Every business relies on its workers to succeed. Yet every business suffers when employees take time off for illness. Whether these ‘sick’ days are genuine or not, it’s down to the employer to ensure that every member of staff is happy and well. After all, a healthy workforce will be more productive, and that means bigger profits. The trouble is, not many managers are doing everything that could be done to support their team’s well being.


Not many people would choose to work if they had enough money without their salary. But we’re all in this together. We’re spending at least eight hours a day with our coworkers, so those relationships need to amicable. That includes the one with our boss! Lots of us have grumbled that we hate our bosses. It’s up to the manager to motivate rather than dictate. This makes for a happier workforce. Do you bring positivity to your workplace each day?


Good health may start at home, but there are plenty of ways companies can support and promote good health from the workplace too. Start by addressing your benefits package. Are you offering free gym membership or in-office exercise facilities? What about medical insurance? As the owner of a company, it’s worth considering the different types of group dental rates out there. If you select a package to suit the size of the business, it’s more likely to be cost effective.


Does your company operate a flexible working system? This means that employees can choose where to work. They might decide that home working suits them more when they have to look after a child home from school. Or maybe they prefer to work in the office on weekends and have a couple of midweek days off? It’s about the fine balance between work life and home life. It’s not fair to demand employees stay connected out of office hours without offering them time off in lieu. Give and take is a great approach here.


Most businesses are fine with allowing workers to take time off work during the holidays. However, vacation days vary wildly from company to company. You might have a young workforce that tends not to have kids. This means they might prefer to take time off in the middle of the year for a vacation. Those that have families may need all of their leave during the long summer months. This can seem unfair to some and difficult to work around for others. Can you offer any childcare packages, or help employees coordinate their leave better?

Heading Up

Most people in the workplace are quite keen to progress. That means they want promotions and pay rises. Going nowhere is against human nature after all. How are you helping your staff members to feel like they have a career instead of just a dead-end job? Are there reviews and rewards? Are you able to develop a management structure that works for the business as well as the employees? What about continuing professional development and other ongoing training? Are you taking care of your workforce?