Clever Ways To Reduce Business Utilities

Steps To Expand Your Business

Every single month, bills drop down on the doormat without fail at your house. This is no different at your business address. Utilities are a necessary evil wherever you are, but you can get on top of them with a little research. Communication bills, electricity bills and internet bills all add up.

A smart business owner will do plenty of research as to how he can make changes in his business and keep his energy consumption low. Some smaller businesses can see real value in switching their central heating bill to a gas oil tank for their company, allowing them to monitor more closely their heating usage. One yearly cost can sometimes be easier for businesses and if you don’t pay attention to how you can make utilities changes, then you’re doing it wrong. Here are some simple ways you as a savvy business owner can make better decisions about your energy costs.

  1. Get a free audit. Your utility provider can produce reports for you to tell you how much energy you are using and these audits can help you to manage your energy consumption. While your utility company wants you to spend money, they can also identify ways you can trim how much energy you are actually using.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings. Are you in an office building full of lights? Keep an eye on your lightbulbs. Large buildings that have lights on at an almost constant level need to be watched for burnt out bulbs and strip lights. As these burn out, replace them with a more energy efficient option. Pop the air conditioning on timers so that they come on an hour or so before the office opens and shut off half an hour after closing. This way, you’re not leaving the heating or cooling systems on all night.
  3. Educate your colleagues on how much energy they’re using by not shutting things down for the night. Encourage computers being switched off at the end of every day and adopt a routine in the office for everything to be shut off every day.
  4. When you are buying equipment for your office, go for the most energy efficient items you can. The kitchen appliances you use may cost more to be energy efficient, but in the long run you’ll get better usage and save money on your utilities overall.
  5. Businesses can be offered tax breaks for their energy efficient ways. If you are reducing your carbon footprint as a company, this can be recognised, saving your company more money than you expected.
  6. Thankfully, technology is taking over. Most businesses now run a paper-free policy and this is fantastic. Only print when you need to and for important items. This reduces paper waste and cuts the energy you use to print in the first place.

Your company can do so much to be more energy efficient and if the overall goal is to make money savings, even the smallest of changes can help. Go the extra mile for your company and be known as green!