5 Facilities You Should Offer to Make Your Employees Happier

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Managing employees can be stressful, and no matter what you do as a business owner, there will always be unhappy employees that aren’t as efficient as others. If you’re looking for new ways to improve morale in the workplace, have a look at the following five facilities you should consider implementing that are almost certain to make employees happier.

1. Fully Furnished Restrooms

Whether your business is a warehouse or office, there’s nothing worse than having a restroom that isn’t up to scratch. Although most employers could argue that their restrooms get the job done, investing in them is a great way to improve your employee’s work life and make them feel appreciated.

2. Bike Sheds

Of course, it depends on where your business is located when accounting how many employees cycle to work. If you find that most of your employees like cycling, then there’s no better way of looking after them by introducing bike sheds that’ll keep their bikes safe and dry. This is similar to motorcyclists, whose security you care about. Therefore, implement a helmet rack to give employees a place to keep their motorcycle helmets.

3. Kitchen Facilities

The law states that employees should have access to basic kitchen facilities such as a fridge, microwave, and a kettle. However, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go the extra mile with kitchen facilities and implement an oven and a free coffee machine. You’ll be surprised by how many employees look forward to their breaks, and they will look forward to them even more if you’re willing to provide extra kitchen facilities that’ll contribute to better quality lunches.

4. Clean Smoking Area

All businesses offer a designated smoking area for their employees, but there are only a handful of businesses that will build a shelter for smokers to benefit from. The shelter doesn’t have to be expensive, but a good shelter with a few chairs will not only help boost morale in the workplace, but you’ll also find the outside smoking area will be kept a lot cleaner.

5. Changing Rooms

Providing locker facilities and clean changing rooms that are fully furnished will give employees the space they need to change into workwear before their shift starts, or normal clothes when their shift ends. Many businesses that are on a bigger scale even provide shower facilities, but sometimes that isn’t a viable option because of space and the investment that’s required. Basic changing room facilities do the trick, but if you’re willing to provide locker facilities, you’ll find employees will benefit from them massively.

As a business owner, you only need to provide basic facilities for employees to undertake their work. However, if you’re willing to do more for your employees by implementing new facilities to make them more comfortable, you’ll find that morale could become instantly boosted and your workplace more productive. Employer’s should always remember that it is the employees who keep the business ticking over. Therefore, investing in your employee’s wellbeing is similar to investing in a new piece of software, etc.