The Benefits Of Adding A Virtual Tour To Your Business Website

The Benefits Of Adding A Virtual Tour To Your Business Website

If you’re a business owner, of any size, one of the first things you should do is get listed on Google Business. This will increase the likelihood of you being found on the web by a lot. It’s a tool that’s used by company owners for a variety of reasons, and one of the most recent is to create a virtual tour.

A virtual tour is exactly as the name implies. Built by a rendering company, it’s a 3D fly-through of your business that people can look at online. They can view your storefront in a full 360 degree space, all without leaving the home. It’s a marvellous tool and one that many businesses should consider investing in.

This tour will be added to Google Business, and can also be added to your website by embedding it. Should you get one? Yes, absolutely. Read on for more information…

Why do I need one? Well, like anything, you don’t need one. Your business will run just as well as it did before, with no interruptions. However, if you are on Google Business, it’s worth adding that tour to give people a visual. Photos are nice, sure, but they can be misleading. Especially if you don’t update them.

A photo only captures the best parts of your business, and that’s why people don’t give them credence. They’re easily manipulated. As such, a full tour is a way to instill trust in your consumers. You aren’t afraid to show off your company, warts and all.

How do I get a virtual tour? A company of 3D architects can help you create your tour, leaving no stone unturned. You can showcase your business as you see fit, making sure it’s captured in the best possible light. You can even get some outside snaps, so users can start their journey right from the very beginning.

How will it benefit my business? As previously mentioned, you will make your consumers trust you a lot more. There’s nothing worse than not trusting a company, and it can be a big turn off for even the most wallet-friendly customers.

Additionally, you make yourself more easy to find. You will have the option of adding ‘point of interest’ photos to Google Maps. That way, when people are browsing their local area, you’ll show up as a POI, with photos to boot. This gives web users a visual aid to go along with description, and can help people more easily find you than just a name could.

If your business relies heavily on visual merchandising, a virtual tour will be invaluable. Most people will want to fully view a product before they buy it, from all angles. This isn’t always possible if they’re ordering online, but a full tour can let them see what they’re spending their money on. Again, pictures are more trustworthy than words. You could be losing money if you don’t show people what they’re buying.

Which is a consumer more likely to click on? A full complete business listing, with photos, a tour and all relevant information. Or, a company with no visual aids, no contact details and a couple of suspicious five-star reviews? You do the math!

Does your business have a virtual tour? Let us know some other benefits in the comments below!