Keep Your Business Premises Safe With This Expert Advice

CCTV Security

Are you concerned about criminals accessing your office to steal equipment and information? Then you’ll need to invest some extra money in security this year. Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to protect your firm without breaking the bank. What most people don’t understand is that burglars will always seek an easy target. That means you only have to place a few obstacles in their way to act as deterrents. Most will just move to other premises in the hope of getting an easy ride. Even criminals know that breaking into a secure building is guaranteed to land them in jail.

Install motion-sensor alarm systems

Before you do anything else, you need to contact a local alarm specialist. Ask them to come to your premises and perform an assessment. In most circumstances, they will then recommend the most suitable devices for your building. Whatever you decide, make sure you also tell them to install motion sensors. That way, the warning sounds will always trigger if someone manages to get inside. Never perform the installation yourself, and always outsource the task to professionals. CCTV will cover you for instances in which criminals have managed to obtain keys from somewhere.

Buy a CCTV package

CCTV isn’t going to stop people from breaking into your building. However, it should increase the chances of scoring a conviction. You’ll just have to hand over all the footage to the police when you report the crime. Make sure cameras cover all the entry and exit points to your premises. Also, install one that films your carpark where staff keep their vehicles. You never know when a villain might decide to smash their windows and steal their stereo. A decent CCTV package should cost no more than around $3,000.

Consider automated gates

Automated gates are another excellent tool for keeping your premises secure. They open quickly enough if you have the right code. However, burglars will have to scale the metal if they want to get inside. Again, make sure you point a CCTV camera at the gate because that might become your best image of the culprit. Also, passersby are sure to notice someone climbing some security gates, and so the police might arrive before your alarm sounds. Shop around to make sure you get the best deal, and always obtain multiple quotes. In most instances, it’s possible to negotiate better prices if you make bulk purchases. So, it all depends on the size of your company and how many access points you operate.

If you manage to put all those suggestions into practice, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about security this year. You just need to focus on cyber criminals. It’s essential that you protect your computer network using firewalls and antivirus programs. Most modern thieves know it’s much easier to steal bank account information using that method. That is why you need to take digital security as seriously as everything else. Companies that lose client payment information get a raw deal in the press. It could ruin your reputation and your business ambitions.