3 Ways That Your Business Could Make Better Use Of Technology

Cloud Computing

Technology is at the forefront of businesses right now. It is the tool that helps them pioneer themselves from obscurity to a big-time firm. Tech is, therefore, pivotal to the way that we conduct what we do as companies. If you’re wondering how your business could make better use of technology in general, then here are three ways that we think you could start with!

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is massive right now. Thousands of SMEs are jumping on the bandwagon, simply because of how much it makes sense for the them to do so. Hiring an entire I.T team to be dependent on is rather expensive, especially for a business that is yet to overturn a serious bit of revenue. Therefore, by outsourcing their I.T needs to a cloud computing company, businesses are saving a load of cash. Not to mention, the additional ease of use that comes with paying for cloud computing. Should the system go down, a remote maintenance team will sort things out for you around the clock, 24/7. Should you have a technical inquiry or general query, then they are also there to reach out to. You can learn more from Customer service is a big deal for cloud computing companies, so it makes sense to get on board. It’s easy, cost effective and generally just one less thing to have to worry about as a business owner. There are lots of benefits to cloud computing. After all, isn’t that the reason that we embrace new technologies in the first place?

Cloud Storage

Another cloud product that is massive within business right now. Cloud storage is saving businesses a lot of money on hard drives, to store their vast amounts of data on. It’s also keeping everything that they do backed up, to ensure that data isn’t lost either. There are lots of free cloud storage options out there such as Google Drive and Dropbox that your business could try. However, one of the best is Microsoft’s OneDrive, simply for the way it integrates with Office 365. If you’ve considered purchasing a subscription to Office 365 as an alternative to Google Docs, then you should check out our post on it, here.

Smartphones & Tablets

Some businesses deter their employees from using their smartphones or tablets in the workplace. However, this could an oversight. The power that is placed at somebody’s fingertips when they’re holding a smartphone, for example, is unrivalled. Smartphones, especially, can be a great way to keep your employees organised. If your business uses Outlook as their email client, then handing out Windows Phone devices to all of your employees could help keep them in sync. Smartphones can send your employees a notification whenever there is a meeting, a deadline change or an announcement. You’ll see a lot fewer employees turning up late to things following this embracing of smart technologies.

These three pieces of technology are great starting point for a business. If you’re looking to capitalize on the benefits that tech can bring to a workplace, then give them a go, today!