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Highlands Ranch Dog Parks – Excellent Facilities

Highlands Ranch Dog Parks

Highlands Ranch, like many communities in the Denver area, enjoys an excellent parks system which presents its residents with endless opportunities for sport and recreations. For dog owners, however, one of the most important benefits of living in or near Highlands Ranch is access to the local dog parks.

There are four dog parks which are available in the Highlands Ranch area, each of which offers an attractive space in which to exercise your dog. Dogs can also be walked in other parts of the neighborhood, but these are the spaces that have been set aside so that you can safely let your dog run around without a leash. Each of the dog parks is next to a larger park, which you may be able to walk your dog in, as long as you keep it on a leash. The dog parks have become popular spots for dog owners to meet and socialize, with large numbers of regular users visiting the same park, often daily.

Hound Hill is the dog park at Highland Heritage Park. This park is located just to the south of the intersection between Quebec, Lincoln and University. The Post Office is just to the north of the intersection. The dog park is near the Heritage Park ball fields. The Highland Heritage Park provides parking. Hound Hill is a large dog park of almost three acres, providing plenty of room for your dog. This is often one of the busiest dog parks.

Digger’s is the dog exercise area at Dad Clark Park. Digger’s dog park is on Asterbrook Circle, to the west of Summit View and Fairview Parkways. The park is near Heritage Elementary School. Parking is available at Dad Clark Park.

Fido’s Field is another dog park, located at Foothills Park. It is situated on Riddlewood Drive, which can be accessed from Lucent Boulevard by turning southwards on Timbervale Trail. The park is also accessible from Winterthur Way. By taking this route, it is possible to park in the Foothills Park lot, next to the swimming pool. The park is near Saddle Ranch Elementary School.

Rover’s Run is a popular dog park at Redstone Park. The dog exercise area lies to the east of the main park. It is near to the intersection between Foothills Canyon Boulevard and Town Center Drive. Rover’s Run is another large dog park, providing pets and pet owners with three acres of space. It is the perfect place to bring active dogs who like to run around a lot, and it is not uncommon to see greyhounds hurtling around the park. It can get very dusty and dry in this park, so it is particularly important to bring your own water when the irrigation system is not working. The park has some picnic tables for the owners, as well as a lot of open space for the dogs.

All of these dog parks in Highlands Ranch are open between 7 am and sunset, throughout the year.

In addition to providing open space in which your pet can be exercised, water is available at each of the dog park sites, during the irrigation season. When water is not available, during the late fall and the winter, you should consider bringing your own water.

Certain rules apply to the use of the park. As a responsible dog owner, you will be expected to carry a leash for your dog. You must put your dog on the leash on your way to the dog park and as you leave the dog off-leash area. If you are letting your dog off its leash in the dog park, you must be able to control it through voice commands alone.

You will need to supervise your dog while it is in the park, and you must pick up after it. Children must be accompanied by an adult. If you are bringing your dog to the park it must have received its vaccinations. You should not bring your dog to the off-leash park if it may be aggressive, or if it is in the season. A copy of the rules are posted at each site.