The Inside Scoop on the Upcoming ‘Queen’ Biopic – From Budget to Controversy

The Inside Scoop on the Upcoming Biopic

It has been nearly seven years since it was revealed that 20th Century Fox would be shooting and releasing a film to honor the band ‘Queen,’ and more specifically, it’s late lead singer, Freddie Mercury. The last few years have been filled with some minor setbacks, mostly due to casting. Most shocking was the recent news that director Bryan Singer had been let go. This occurred just after rumors about Mike Myers to be part of Bohemian Rhapsody were leaked. With big names like Rami Malek and Ben Hardy linked to the project, it is believed that 20th Century Fox could be dropping somewhere around $50 million to create this long-awaited film. So, if you’re a Queen fan, get ready to read all of the most interesting details about ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’

It’s Coming Christmas 2018

The good news is that Christmas of 2018 is less than a year away, but fans will still have to bide their time for another 12 months. Shooting for this film has almost completely wrapped up, so the raw footage is due to be edited, arranged, and cleaned up until a suitable picture is made. The other unfortunate news is the fact that Fox has had to pick up a replacement director at the last minute. That means that more money has to be spent keeping the overall style and theme of the film cohesive. Lastly, paying two directors is also going to put a strain on the film’s budget overall.

Rami Malek Is Really Convincing

Finding the right actor to play the role of Freddie Mercury was likely the most difficult part of the process. While makeup artists can make anyone literally look like anyone else, it takes a lot of charisma and acting talent to pull off the bravado that Mr. Mercury possessed. Rami Malek was a good and rather interesting choice as he’s not a household name in Hollywood yet, so this film could really take his career to new heights. In other words, Malek is expected to really give this role his all as to impress moviegoers and fans alike. On another note, choosing a newer star like Malek probably helped them with their budget, rather than going for another contender, such as Sacha Baron Cohen.

The Whole Story

This biopic doesn’t only talk about how Queen came to be or cover the years after Freddie Mercury and company made it big. Surviving members of the band are heavily involved in the storytelling, so the film is going to be based on fact and not Hollywood fiction. In other words, this movie is going to be based on a true story and there is going to be a lot of feedback from the people who were there and lived it the first time around.

It has been almost 30 years since Freddie Mercury passed from complications due to AIDS, but his music is still as popular as ever before. With each year that goes by, more Queen fans are born. After this biopic is released, it will be like a worldwide concert taking place, live, and in color.