Workplace Gone From Heaven To Hell? Four Situations You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Workplace Gone From Heaven To Hell

Everybody deserves to be happy at work. It’s why we try so hard to find a career which suits, and a team we feel happy with. After all, this place will become a second home, and these people a second family. If you don’t feel comfortable, the best thing you can do is keep looking until you find somewhere better. There is, as they say, a place for everyone out there. It may just take a few tries to find it.

But, sometimes, even a workplace you love can become unpleasant. Perhaps you’ve been there a few months and the honeymoon period has come to an abrupt end. Or, you may have been there for years, but a change in management has shifted the tone. Either way, changes like these can be unpleasant, so much so that they ruin your love for the job. If you find yourself dreading heading to the office, it’s vital you take action.

Your boss’s office should be your first port of call. After all, if you don’t let management know what’s going on, they can’t improve it. If your trouble is with them, find a polite way to address how you’re feeling. More often than not, these things are down to misunderstandings. If your problem is with other team members, your boss can watch the situation, and discipline wherever necessary.

Of course, that’s what would happen in an ideal world, anyway. But, sometimes, we can come away from meetings feeling ignored. It may be that they only half listened, or that they didn’t offer a solution. Either way, if you don’t feel your boss has taken your complaint seriously, it may be time to take things further.

No one likes to bring legal action into the workplace, especially when still working there. It can make things awkward and is nerve-wracking, to say the least. But, sometimes, legal action is the only way to go. We’re going to look at four situations in which the law can help make your life more bearable.


Harassment in the workplace is never pleasant. The most common form of this is, of course, sexual harassment. But, there are many other ways this can take shape. General bullying is another form of harassment which is common in many workplaces. In general, if someone’s actions make you uncomfortable and they won’t stop, you can be pretty sure you’re experiencing harassment.

You should never be made to feel uncomfortable or picked on in your working environment. And, if your boss isn’t willing to take your complaint seriously, it’s essential you take this further. Sometimes, going to head office will be enough. Other times, you may find that taking legal action is the only route available to you. Harassment is against American law, though bear in mind that your situation would need to meet the criteria. If someone is continually malicious or applying pressure on you within the workplace, you’re sure to have a strong case. Either way, you won’t know until you speak with a lawyer. And, you may find that making your actions here clear could put an end to things, even if no lawsuit were to follow.


Discrimination is a real red flag in workplace law, and so it should be. For the most part, this concerns the treatment you receive from your employer. If you deem they treat you differently because of race, sex, disability, or any other issue you’re within your rights to take a legal stand. This does also apply to your colleagues, though a case of that nature would more likely come under the harassment stance. But, when it comes to your employer, equality is vital in every aspect of your treatment. On top of which, The Americans with Disabilities Act means all employers have to provide adequate additions for disabled staff. These include accessible toilets, parking space, and access ramps. All of which should make life easier for disabled employees. If you feel your employer hasn’t done this and is unwilling to listen to you, then a court may be the only way forward.

Unsafe working conditions

Employers also have a responsibility to provide safe working conditions. This applies to everything, from cleanliness to the general upkeep of the office. Injury hazards, such as loose carpets, or broken office chairs, should be dealt with as soon as you make your boss aware. If not, it’s essential you take pictures of the issue, and send them to head office, or higher, to ensure something gets done. If you do fall foul to an injury due to negligence, lawyers like Craig Swapp can help you take the case to court. With the backing of your pictures, you shouldn’t have any trouble making a claim. It may also be worth noting any interactions with your boss on the matter. Just in case!

Unfair dismissal

It’s never pleasant to lose a job. Especially one which you thought was ideal for you. But, if you suspect your dismissal was unfair, you may well have a case for getting your job back or at least receiving compensation. First, though, you need to ensure your dismissal was unfair. A good judge of this is if it fits under one of these three categories:

If you suspect you’ve fallen foul to any of these, the chances are that you have a decent case. Unfair reasons generally have no reflection on your work. To check which routes your employer should take, return to your contract and see the outline for notice. As for discriminatory dismissal, this could be for issues such as asking for maternity leave, or other such legal rights. Any of which could see you winning in a legal setting.

So, there you have it; four sure-fire times that all isn’t right in your workplace. Taking action is never easy, but it’s necessary. Do it for your happiness, and the happiness of your future colleagues.