How To Guarantee A Successful Client Meeting

Four Tips for Running Your Own ABA Practice

There’s nothing better than being in business and landing that desired client meeting you’ve been hoping and praying that you’d get. After you calm yourself down from all the excitement, it’s time to get down to business. There’s a lot to think about and get organized before you meet in person.

You have to plan, prepare and be ready to face anything when the time finally comes. There are a few actions you can take on your end that will help make you feel more confident about the conference. You won’t regret over preparing for such an important event. See how to guarantee a successful client meeting.

Show up Early

If there’s one item on your checklist that you want to do right it’s showing up on time. Leave early so you don’t end up with a speeding ticket and having to hire a speeding ticket lawyer to bail you out. That would completely mess up your schedule and your mind would be somewhere else besides the meeting with your client. Don’t even plan to be on time, plan to be early and leave your office with plenty of wiggle room to make it there safely.

Dress to Impress

Come to your meeting looking the part. Show your client respect by projecting an attractive appearance that fits his or her business environment. Show up looking like one of them and not as you choose. Understand your client and their business and make it clear you understand them by the way you’re dressed. This isn’t the time to wear your fanciest business suit if they’re a casual company. Make sure you research this in advance and are set with the perfect outfit.

Come Prepared with Materials

Never show up empty handed. Either bring a gift, handouts or both. Your client will want to not only hear what you have to say, but will want to visually see it too. Have your bases covered by sending him or her the materials ahead of time, printing them out and having them on an electronic file you can project if necessary. Know your stuff so you’re not fumbling around trying to remember the most important points.

Know how to Close the Deal

If there’s one action you should take beforehand, it’s practicing how to close the deal. Know what to say and how to say it when the time comes at the meeting. Getting the sale will certainly make it a successful client meeting. Speak to your mentor beforehand, watch videos and read up on tips for how to end a sales meeting. Always go in there with the confidence that they’ll be buying from you by the time you’re ready to leave. Make it impossible for them to say no.


There are no promises in life, but there are ways to give yourself a good chance at prospering. Use these tips to help you prepare for the conversation, so you’re comfortable. This is how to guarantee a successful client meeting.