What Is Cloud Storage and Should I Be Using It?

Cloud Computing

You may have heard of cloud storage before or may have used it in the past, but what exactly does it do and why is important for you? If you have important documents on your computer, whether this be university/college work, work for your business, or even precious photos, backing up on a hardware storage device does not mean these files are completely safe from loss. Cloud storage can provide an extra safety net for those important documents and should not be confused with a syncing service.

What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is what it says on the tin. It stores a copy of each document you wish to keep safe in a “cloud”. This means that it will be backed up remotely and be available to yourself through a network of your choice. From here, you can edit and manage these documents and files. If something happened such as a house fire or a burglary, all your data would be stored on your cloud service, meaning you can log in on a new device and you will not have lost any of these documents.

Why Is Cloud Storage Different To Syncing?

You may already use a syncing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive and these can be useful for a few single files that you wish to share between devices, such as your laptop or portable device. Most cloud storages will offer unlimited storage, meaning all your documents will be kept safe if something were to happen. Most cloud storage providers also offer an encryption and security service, which ultimately gives you extra protection over your data, which syncing does not.

Which Cloud Storage Should I Be Using?

Choosing a cloud storage depends on many different things and you may want to compare a few top brands such as Carbonite vs Mozy. Which system your computer runs on is one of the first things to look at. Some backup systems only work with certain models such as Windows or Mac, so if you use a different system you will have to find a cloud system that works with your computer. If you use your phone or a tablet for working, you may want a cloud storage that comes with an app, so that you can use cloud storage with all your devices.

Another big thing to consider and, most importantly, is cost. If you are looking to back up extremely important business files, you may want to pick a service that offers extra encryption and security measures, whilst some providers offer a free service up to a certain storage limit.

Using a cloud storage can be essential to keep your files safe and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are many benefits to using a backup service, especially if you have many files you wish to keep safe. If the worst should happen, you can rest easy knowing your files are still there and safely secured for you to reach when you need them.