How to Turn Your Company Green

How to Turn Your Company Green

One aim that most companies try to achieve is to become more environmentally friendly. It can not only help the environment, but it can also send a good message to your customers and boost sales. A survey in 2014 indicated that 55% of customers would be prepared to pay more for their goods or services from companies that had a strong environmental message. That means you could benefit from turning your company green. Here are some ideas to help you achieve that.

Encourage Staff to Leave the Car at Home

With over 86% of workers in the U.S. traveling to work by vehicle, it can be difficult to convince your staff to switch to more environmentally friendly alternatives. However, if you can give them incentives to do so, it might make them change their minds. For example, if you offer parking spaces to those who carpool to work, or give vouchers towards bicycles, you might tempt some staff to come onboard.

Encourage Working from Home

For some people, traveling to work is not viable except by car. They might live a long distance away or live in a remote area. For those workers, the option of working from home might suit both of you. Your company manages to lower its emissions, and the worker gets a stress free working day. The other knock-on effect is that with fewer people in the office, you can have smaller premises and save money on energy costs.

Boost Recycling

Your company may already be recycling, but maybe there is more you can do. Maybe try to eliminate the throwaway cups and cartons in favor of a more sustainable alternative. You might be able to set up a compost heap outside for your kitchen waste and get it picked up by a recycling company or given to your workers for their gardens. You may also be able to recycle more card or plastic from your production. You can get wire from companies like Baling Wire Direct to tie it all together and send it to your local recycling center.

Using Green Suppliers

As well as the materials you use in your own company; you might also be able to procure materials from your suppliers that are also environmentally friendly. It could be that they are made from recycled materials, or that they can be fully recycled. It is something that many more customers are starting to look for, so it is worth the extra effort. Another way to save waste is to minimize your packaging so that there is less to throw away. If you also use packaging that can be recycled, you can give your products a bigger boost to customers.

There are many other options open to you when it comes to going green. Why not try saving water or using recycled rainwater in the toilets? You could also switch your lighting to energy efficient bulbs. All of these small things add up to a more environmentally friendly company.