How to Save Big on Business Energy Costs Starting Right Now

How to Save Big on Business Energy Costs Starting Right Now

One of the most fundamental costs of day-to-day life is the cost of energy. Whether you’re a homeowner, a tenant, or a business owner, energy consumes, on average, at least 5% of our annual income. With the cost of energy increasing faster than the rate of inflation, most people are spending more money on energy than ever.

For businesses, this can be even tougher: business utility rates tend to be higher than residential rates, meaning that energy costs can take a huge chunk of profit out of the equation. Whether your business is open to the public or operates in an office-like setting, there are many different ways to conserve energy and begin saving money right now. Let’s review a few of these options today.

Institute a More Casual Summer Dress Code

Some of the steepest energy costs for a business are accrued during the summer when cooling workspaces is paramount to productivity. Unfortunately, many business climates – especially those in office settings – prioritize a professional look over comfort. This is actually a big problem for businesses’ utility costs.

By implementing casual dress codes during the summer months, employees won’t have to wear excessive amounts of clothing such as suits, ties, and other layered clothing. This will allow for the business to keep the in-office temperature higher than what would be feasible otherwise but simultaneously will still result in employees being more comfortable.


Many businesses have employees who can perform their basic job functions without being in the office. Especially for those who work at a desk or computer, so why is it necessary to require those employees to come in from 9-5 each day?

With the extra heat that comes from having more bodies in the building, offering a telecommute option to select employees can actually lower utility costs. It can also lower personal travel expenses for the employees to whom it applies, giving them a boost in disposable income. With the recent news that the White House is considering an increase in the gas tax (as reported by, your employees will be grateful for flexible working and your business will save money at the same time.

Install Smart Thermostat Systems

Any business that is ready to save money on energy costs over the long-term should install a smart thermostat system as soon as possible. For as little as a couple of hundred dollars, smart thermostat systems – such as those offered by Nest and Honeywell – can be installed in offices and businesses.

These systems can save anywhere from 2% to 5% on heating and cooling costs, which really add up over the years.

Seal the Cracks

Imagine that 20% of your business’ energy costs were literally evaporating into thin air. Would you do something about it? Most business offices – especially older ones – are literally leaking heating and cooling through small but meaningful cracks in doors, windows, outlets and ventilation systems.

By sealing these elements, as much as 20% of your energy costs on heating and cooling will be saved. Sealing business air leaks in any setting can save thousands of dollars on energy costs in a relatively short period of time.

With the cost of energy increasing every year, businesses must take appropriate steps to preserve their bottom lines. By pursuing these four energy-saving tactics – and considering a variety of others – the average business could save thousands every year on heating and cooling costs alone. That by itself should be enough motivation to act right now!