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An Area To Come Home To: Why Crime Rates Should Play A Part In Your Next House Hunt

Why Crime Rates Should Play A Part In Your Next House Hunt

There are a multitude of things to consider when judging the suitability of a new home. For that reason, many of us attend viewings armed with checklists. And, location always features heavily. Many an ideal home has been turned down because they weren’t in the perfect area. Location is vital for opportunities, ease of living, and even noise levels. For the keen investors among you, it’s essential for different reasons. You may spend hours researching areas which are up and coming. With a little know-how, you can buy a cheap house, and make a lot back when you sell.

But, through all our muttering about location, the majority of us forget the main reason we should choose our areas wisely. Safety should, of course, appear first on our location priority lists. But, it’s rarely there at all. If you’re searching in an area you know, you’ll avoid the notoriously ‘dangerous’ parts. But, if you’re looking in new towns, you’ll have no way of knowing that area’s reputation. Yet, a shocking majority of house hunters fail to do adequate research.

Why is safety so important? There are many reasons. Those raising a family need to know their kids can play outside without risk. You also need to feel safe yourself. Buying in an unsafe area could also leave your investment at risk. You’ll struggle to make your money back if you’ve experienced a break in. Not to mention that repair costs would set you back. And, if you have to pay for security systems too, you’re looking at even more significant amounts. Thus, unsafe areas aren’t sound investments.

So, why do so many house hunters neglect to check an area’s safety? In some respects, it’s due to the changing way we hunt for houses. Once, the only thing we could do was drive around the area, and look for ‘for sale’ signs. Now, most hunters go to or sites like them, and decide the properties they like without leaving the house. Thus, they fall in love with houses before they’ve even see the areas. Of course, this development in house buying has made everyone’s lives easier. But, it has also made house hunters lazier than they may have been before.

Another reason people fail to consider safety is the sway of cheap houses. There’s no getting around the fact that homes in dangerous areas cost less. Homes which have experienced crime, for example, are often the lowest on the market. Many of us would rather pay less and remain blissfully unaware then consider the reality.

But, if you want a home which lasts, it’s time to let crime rates and area reputation into your house hunt. The good news is, sites like provide the opportunity to check crime rates in any area. So, don’t hesitate to head there if you like a house. You may have to kiss goodbye to your dream property because of the results, but you’ll be glad you did when you find a safer home.