Save Money on Cars: Buy Them Old, Make Them New!

Save Money on Cars

Many people remember what their car looked like when it was brand new. It used to be shiny, with no dirt or grease in sight. It ran like a dream – and it smelled good! Your car has probably become a shadow of its former self.

People love to have that “new” feeling returned to them, which is why they go ahead and fork out so much for brand new vehicles. But why not save money by fixing your current one up, or buying a used one and fixing that up? After all, car finance can be pretty daunting. Here are some tips for those interested in reclaiming the former glory of a cheaper used vehicle.

Have the motor and transmission rebuilt

When overhauling any car, it makes sense to start with the inside first and work your way outwards. One of the most effective ways of doing this is having the engine and gearbox tuned up. You can do this yourself, but having a professional take care of that for you is beneficial in two ways. First of all, the motor and transmissions are guaranteed to behave as they did brand new. Second, they will also look brand new. With the latter, an engine tuner will respray the exterior of the motor and transmission. Of course, you still need to clean the engine bay before having everything refitted. Once you do that, you’ll have a spotless and faultless motor.

Get the interior reupholstered

Next step is to revive that tired old interior. Over the years, the leather seats became worn and even ripped in some places. There are plenty of auto upholstery companies that can make your interior brand new. You could save even more money by redoing the upholstery yourself… but it’s not recommended! You should definitely get an expert in the field to deal with this, because you may end up doing a shabby job that just makes it look worse. Sorry, those are just the facts.


Your attention should turn to four major components: your wheels, brakes, suspension and exhaust. Ideally, you should shop for original replacement parts. This isn’t always feasible, however. You could also go beyond the simple parts of your vehicle and upgrade several aspects. What you can upgrade will depend on your needs. For example, those with trailers should look to companies like Tekonsha for upgrades to the electric system.

Get a respray

While your motor and interior are out of the car, you’ll have nothing left but a rolling shell. This is the ideal time to have an auto body shop respray your car for you! The good thing about resprays is body shops will fix any body damage beforehand. After all; it’s silly to get a respray if you’ve got dents or rusty panels on your car! You may stick with the same color the car came in. Of course, you could decide on any color you want. It’s also a good time to have the underside of the car sprayed in a protective coating. Doing so will help prevent corrosion during heavy rain.