3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Data Recovery Strategy and Plan

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Data Recovery Strategy and Plan

While backing up your computer files has been standard advice for years, enterprises face greater challenges trying to do the same. Yet they are more reliant on data than ever before to run their business. Here are three reasons why your business needs a data recovery strategy and plan.

Customer Service

A data recovery plan should be seen as a failsafe for a data repository or system backup to the cloud. If you have a data recovery plan in place to handle the “whoops, I accidentally deleted this file” or “the file you sent me is corrupted”, you will never leave a potential client hanging for days as you try to resolve the technical issue.

Legal Obligations

Whether your company provides services to patients or legal clients, record retention rules likely apply to your company. Financial and medical data, in particular, require additional layers of protection that many small businesses cannot provide on their own. Working with a secure data recovery company ensures that the information is protected from loss, corruption, viruses, and unauthorized access because it can all be recovered. You’ll meet the contractual obligations for business continuity plans many big businesses require of their suppliers and be able to fix anything that goes wrong with the backups.

If your company already works with a data recovery expert, you can quickly call in experts you’re comfortable with to run forensics on personal USB drives that may have introduced a virus or investigate deliberate data theft or alteration by a malicious party. If you already have a relationship with a data recovery company with a solid reputation and industry credentials that stand up in court, you’ll be able to prosecute someone for data theft or deliberate destruction of company data based on their findings. You’ll also have the information necessary to fire them quickly for violating IT procedure by using thumb drives they found on the ground, picked up at a trade show, or bought cheaply on the internet via the company network.

Protection against Disaster

A company that loses its server full of customer orders and sees their e-commerce site shut down will likely go out of business. A company that loses the digital records that are the only proof its invoices are due may lose the ability to collect on those debts. If a virus locks up your company’s data, your lifeblood, your company suffers serious losses as it is paralyzed by the IT disaster.

If your business has set up a plan in advance with a data recovery company, your company has access to 24/7 support to repair the damage and recover the data your business needs to stay running whether due to a major hardware failure, virus, malware, failed software upgrade, or another disaster.


Data recovery plans and having a reputable service provider on call ensures that you can recover data for clients quickly. Data recovery plans and strategies are necessary today to meet your business’ legal obligations. Data recovery strategies and plans protect your business from major data loss that could kill it, and they minimize the literal cost of disruptions due to damaged computers and hardware used by mission critical personnel.