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Everything You Need To Do To Your Kitchen To Sell Your House

Everything You Need To Do To Your Kitchen To Sell Your House

A kitchen is at the heart of every home. It’s where the best conversations take place, where the family bumps into each other and where lovingly prepared meals are created. When potential buyers look around your home, they will head straight for the kitchen. If they don’t like what they see, they will head back out of the front door pretty quickly and you will lose the sale.

It is a good idea to focus your efforts on your kitchen if you want to sell your house quickly. This site helps you to find agents in your area who can quickly market your property without charging you a fortune. They can advise you on what prospective buyers will want to see in your house or apartment and arrange the sale for you.

Clean up your kitchen

A dirty kitchen puts buyers off the whole house. Make sure your kitchen is spotless before anyone comes to view it. Put everything that you can in cupboards as this makes cleaning the work surfaces easier. Remove all the garbage from the area and clean the bins, including the lids. Clean the sinks and taps and make sure that the drains smell fresh.

Wash the floor just before the prospective buyers arrive but give it time to dry. Pay particular attention to grout in between floor and wall tiles. If it is not possible to clean it, remove it and replace with fresh grout.

Get rid of clutter

Everyone wants a big kitchen and you can make yours look bigger by removing all the clutter. Clear countertops give a feeling of space. Remove all pots, pans, food, and books into cupboards.

Do the same for the floor. Hide away brushes and mops in the garage. If you have kids, clear away all the spare toys, bikes and scooters.

Take another look at the floor and walls

Once you have cleared all the debris and given the floor a good clean you may not be very impressed by what you see. A grimy or stained floor is not going to impress anyone.  It costs very little to cover an old floor surface with new linoleum and it can transform the feel of the kitchen.

Walls require no more than a fresh lick of paint. It is best to stick to neutral colors as this makes the area seem bigger and will appeal to all tastes. If you are not happy with the tiles you do not always have to go the effort of removing the old ones. Sometimes you can apply new tiles over the top of the old ones.

Cabinet door can cause a problem

Cabinet doors that are dark can make the kitchen feel crowded and oppressive. You do not have to buy a whole new kitchen to sort this out. You can apply suitable paint to the doors for a fresh new look. If you have a larger budget, you can replace the doors whilst retaining the original cabinet carcass.