The REAL Reasons Your Online Products Aren’t Selling

The REAL Reasons Your Online Products Aren’t Selling

The online business model hit the industry, and you wanted to take advantage. So, you created a website, posted your products and services online, and waited for the money to roll through the door. But, the money didn’t bang down your door like you thought it would.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

If it does, it means your online store is failing. Instead of making excuses, it’s time to grow up and accept your flaws as you can turn your weaknesses into strengths. With that in mind, here are the real reasons your online sales aren’t making waves.

Bad Product Photos

Customers like shopping online for a range of reasons. Some people like the ease, while others like the competitive prices. What every single individual doesn’t like is the gray area. The gray area is the fact that a person can never tell a product is going to be good enough until it arrives. Unlike an in-store purchase, it’s a gamble. To negate the effects of the risk, they take certain precautions. One is never to use a site that doesn’t include high definition images. The odds are that a store like this is trying to pull a fast one. Even if they aren’t, they are so lazy that they can’t be bothered taking a few quality snaps. There is nothing more off-putting than terrible product photos.

Over & Under Priced

Pricing a product is an art that lots of businesses don’t understand. Seriously, some firms think they can boost their prices or lower them on a whim. Well, you can’t because customers aren’t stupid. They use the product prices to make a judgment, and if there aren’t spot on, their opinion won’t be favorable. Obviously, a high pricing system won’t reflect positively in sales because they don’t want to part with their money. If there’s a store which offers the same product at a more competitive price, they will bounce. However, they also view low costs with suspicion. To them, it means you’re overcompensating for lack of quality or experience or both. Prices that aren’t perfect don’t illicit conversions.

Hard To Finalise Deal

It’s amazing how many online stores make the checkout process so difficult. Some businesses think that because they’re going to buy a product, they will do it regardless. So, they have long registration forms which milk every piece of information before they can click ‘buy.’ Then, they have a point of sale unit that only accepts certain cards. After all that, the confirmation page takes an age because of the upload speed. This should never happen because it only gives the customer more excuses to bounce. In simple terms, the registration form only needs to ask for relevant info like a name, address, and phone number. The mobile point of sale payment processing unit should accept almost every Visa or MasterCard, and it should do it from anywhere. And, the confirmation should be instant. Otherwise, the customers won’t stick around.

No Sales Or Discounts

The retail value is the lifeblood of any online store. Still, that doesn’t mean that the prices shouldn’t change from time to time. Sales and discounts are what keep customers coming back for more, so they need to happen. If they don’t, your base will look elsewhere for better deals. After all, they think they deserve it for their loyalty. And, they are right. The good news is that these sales don’t have to last forever. In fact, they don’t even have to last for more than a day. A ‘fire sale’ is a fantastic way to increase consumer spending and increase traffic to the site. Think of a promotion like ‘25% off until the end of the day.’ It makes customers act quickly, which takes away their usual pragmatism.

Poor Shipper

Bad shippers get tarred with a brush from an early stage. Once it happens, it’s hard to recover, which is why your shipping should be on point. The trick is never to make a promise that you can’t keep. That means delivering on time when you say you are going to deliver. Far too many companies offer ‘next day delivery’ because they think it looks professional. What doesn’t look professional is when the package fails to turn up the next day. Always stick to your shipping lane or else you face the prospect of being bad mouthed on the internet. Ask any A-list celebrity, and they will tell you that it’s far from pleasant.

Does any of the above touch a nerve? If the answer is yes, it’s time to make a change.