5 Strange Reasons Why You Might Not Get That Job You Think You’re Ideal For

5 Strange Reasons Why You Might Not Get That Job You Think You're Ideal For

Are you tired of getting knockbacks in your search for a new job? There are plenty of reasons why you could have got rejected. Of course, it’s easy to know when you messed up your interview. And sometimes you can tell that the position wasn’t what you thought it was when you got into the room. But other times it can be very hard to tell what went wrong and why you got rejected. Here are 5 strange reasons why you might not have got that job you saw yourself as being ideal for.

  1. Your References Didn’t Back You Up 

When you submit a job application or attend a job interview, you often have to provide references. The vast majority of us assume that this is just a formality that has to be adhered to. Not many of us think that these references might let us down and stop us from getting the job we want. However, this can be the situation for many people without them even realising it. So, make sure your references are willing to say good things about you. If not, switch them. 

  1. Someone Else Had an Inside Track 

Sometimes, there is not much you can do about not getting that job if someone else was seen as preferable. And it’s often not even about what you know. Instead, it’s all about who you know. If another candidate had more connections within the company, they might be selected for the role ahead of you solely for that reason. It’s not fair, but it does happen. 

  1. Your Criminal Background 

Some people have a criminal record without even realising it. That might sound strange to you but it’s true. They don’t realise that things like those unpaid parking tickets have accumulated to the point at which they become a criminal offense that appears when a check is run on you. You can search online to find out whether there is a warrant out against you without you knowing it. Learn more about warrant search by following the link. It’s a very strange and unexpected reason not to get a job, but it can happen. 

  1. There Was No Real Chemistry 

Talking about chemistry between you and the people that interviewed might seem strange. Isn’t that something that is more applicable to a first date than a job interview. Well, in fact, job interviews are not entirely different to first dates. You have to impress and show that you represent a good for the company. And if the interviewers don’t connect with you, they might simply reject you quickly. 

  1. You Just Might Not be As Suited to the Position As You Think 

Finally, you might simply be not as well suited to the position as you had previously thought. Everyone likes to think of themselves as being ideal for that job they want. But does the evidence on your CV back that up? If it doesn’t, you might be in for a nasty surprise. More training or education might help you to get the job you want next time.