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3 Reasons Why You Can’t Sell You House And How To Deal With Them

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Selling your house is a big step up the property ladder. But it can sometimes turn into a long and painful nightmare. Indeed, for some homeowners, selling their house can take several months, even years sometimes. And there’s nothing worse than waiting for your house sale to fund the next house. Especially if you found yourself already having to invest on the next step of the property ladder. However, while there are several reasons to explain why it can take a long time to sell your house, the top three refer to the state of the building and garden, whether or not you are working with property experts, and finally the location of your house. Here is a little guide to understanding the three main obstacles in a house sale and how to tackle them in the best possible way for you and future buyers.

Lack Of Maintenance

There is no denying that your house needs to sustain a thorough home inspection for buyers to consider the purchase. In other words, maintenance is key to drive the house sale. From the roof – which needs to be replaced every 20 to 30 years in modern buildings – to the state of the garden – especially overgrown and messy garden – nothing is left to chance. Future buyers are looking at evidence that the house will be a smart investment for them. Consequently, if you are not up-to-date with your maintenance work, it’s likely that they will look elsewhere, or offer a lower price. As a rule of the thumb, buyers will be considering the state of the roof, windows, structure, garden, and electric and plumbing systems. These are the first elements that you will need to maintain. Additional factors, such as a new bathroom or kitchen can help to add value to the house, but they don’t replace a maintained home.

Not Working With The Experts

When it comes to selling your home, you can’t take chances. You need to look at your house sale like a serious project for which you need qualified experts. In other words, you will naturally need to work with certified engineers to proceed with any repair work in the house – especially if you are working on the roof maintenance or the electric system. You also need to get in touch with a professional realtor to plan the advertising and get the photos. A real estate agent will be key in getting the word out onto the market, getting to know potential buyers and defining which house better suits their needs. There is no way around it: You need to work with professionals to get things done properly.

The Location Is Wrong

Sometimes, it may be a dream house, but the location is not ideal. Whether it is too remote, far from the local schools or without any hiring companies in the surroundings, you can’t sell a house if the location doesn’t match the needs of your buyers. But thankfully, there will be buyers who are looking at other facilities. For instance, if the house is remote, why not focus on its relaxing features, such as a greenhouse, a swimming pool or even a private beach? Or maybe it’s a romantic little house in the forest, and being remote is part of its appeal. In other words, you need to understand who will be attracted by the location of your house and build the advertising for them.