How to make money from your hobby

How to make money from your hobby

Whether you are short on cash or want to try making money by doing something that you love, there are loads of different ways you can make money these days through hobbies. Here are a few ideas for people that would like to make some money through popular hobbies:

Sport – There are a number of ways to make extra income from sport. You could offer personal fitness classes, run a class, umpire or even coach. If you want to get into any of these types of roles, there are some fairly short courses that you can complete to enable you to start making money. Alternatively, you could even sell sports memorabilia like Dartmouth class jewelry or write up match reports from games. There are loads of ways you can make money through sports.

Photography – While not many people will make it as a top photographer, there are plenty of other ways that you can make money without being deemed critically acclaimed. You could take a quick course and become a wedding photographer, or if traveling is your passion, take photographs and sell them to travel magazines/websites.

Many companies like iStock and other stock photo/image providers are always looking for new photos to sell. You can find loads of companies that will allow you to upload some examples of your work to be assessed. If your photography passes from a quality perspective, you can start earning a percentage of money every time someone downloads your image.

Art – If you are a keen artist then there are many ways you can make money with your talent. From providing illustrations for children’s books to drawing caricatures at events, it is easy for you to make a little extra cash. Have a look at some freelancing websites as people often advertise artwork jobs that they need completing.

Blogging – Whether you already write a blog, love writing or could write a blog for someone else, there is a lot of money to be made in the art of blogging. As well as getting paid to write for companies, if you have a successful blog with a large following, people will pay you to advertise on your website. For example, if you blog about health and nutrition and your blog gets quite popular, a fitness product owner could approach you and ask you to either promote their product in your blog or put an ad on your website.

Drone flying – This is a fairly new hobby/occupation, but if you are looking to make some money and you enjoy piloting a drone, this could be a great business opportunity for you. Many companies will pay large sums of money for people to take images or videos with their drones such as estate agents, hotels and golf course owners.

Everyone wishes they could make a living doing what they love. However, this isn’t always feasible and can remain a pipe dream. It would be safe at first to try your hobby as a job on the side of your usual career before investing all your time and money, but who knows? Down the line, you could become a highly commissioned artist or blogger!