4 Ways to Save on College Tuition Without Getting Financial Aid

How to Make Your University Education Cheaper

With tuition costs at an all-time high, more and more students are graduating in hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of debt. Paying off student loans can take decades, and some graduates never fully clear the cost of their college education. But, the problem is that many career paths still require a college education, giving many individuals little choice but to take on this debt in order to get the career that they desire. If you’re considering heading to college soon, here are some of the best ways to save money on the total cost of your degree.

Get a Scholarship:

If you are a particularly gifted student, you may be able to earn a scholarship place on your chosen degree program. This is especially true of students who are accomplished in sports; whether you are a team or an individual player, if you have been able to achieve a lot of sporting accomplishments during your time at high school, you might want to consider trying for an athletics scholarship in order to save money on all or part of your college tuition. Visit for more information on the different types of college sports scholarships available.

Study Online:

Another method of saving money on college tuition is online education, which is steadily growing more popular today. Online, or distance learning, has provided many students with a means of getting a cheaper education, with the average online degree priced at around a third cheaper than on-campus degree programs. Additionally, studying for an online degree often means that students have more flexibility in order to work, allowing them to earn a greater income as a student and enjoy better financial security. Online students can also save money on costs such as commuting or textbooks.

Study Abroad:

Although the majority of universities around the world do not offer degree programs free of charge to U.S. students, you will often find that their tuition fees are very reasonable compared to many of those in colleges around the United States. Studying in Scandinavia, for example, can often be a much cheaper option as countries such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark offer university education free to their own citizens and those from the EU. Although living costs in Norway are quite high, you might want to consider their public universities which offer free tuition to everyone regardless of citizenship. All you will pay is your semester student union fee, priced at around 32-64€.

Consider an Apprenticeship:

Depending on the type of career that you are hoping to get into in the future, you may be able to take an alternative route, such as an apprenticeship. Once popular with trade companies such as builders, plumbers and electricians, apprentices are now taken on by a huge range of industries, including retail, business management, finance, recruitment and more. Working as an apprentice may mean a low income at first, but many offer the chance to earn a college education as a part of your job.

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