Your Business Needs More Than Just a Lawyer

Your Business Needs More Than Just a Lawyer

It goes without saying that a lawyer is an integral part of any business plan. Lawyers can help you plan for future expansion in your business, they can defend your company against the threat of a lawsuit, and they can even help you track down illegal activity within your business or copycats that are trying to steal your business.

Whatever the case is, hiring a lawyer is not enough—that’s cutting corners. Lawyers are specialised in different fields of law so it makes sense to hire a team. Have someone look after your marketing disputes, someone to focus on internal issues and someone to defend your business’s copyright. By having a team of lawyers working with each other and integrating into your business, you effectively have a team of people that will shield your business from any harm and attack those who threaten the success of your brand.

Keeping a record

A team of lawyers is a good starting point, but that’s not the end of it. You’re also going to need a court recorder because many courtrooms no longer supply one for you. Recording everything that has been said inside of a courtroom is vital to the success of your future hearings. If you need to refer back to a previous trial, then it will help tremendously to have an audio recording and a transcript to read from to act as proof of what was said.

Although your lawyers will most likely handle the paperwork, it’s a good idea to make copies of every relevant document that you are given so that you can manually verify information and demands. Keeping a copy in your own office is also a good way to ensure the information is never lost in the event a lawyer in your team leaves your business or is away due to an incident. Even after a case has been closed, you should continue to keep your documents in a filing cabinet or safely stored in a folder should you need to refer to it in the future.

Finding a lawyer that can grow with your business

When you hire employees, it’s typical that they aren’t very passionate about your company’s vision or even your ideals. It takes time for an employee to merge with your business to become part of it and the same counts for lawyers. A lawyer isn’t going to identify with your business if they aren’t passionate about the type of company you run. It’s arguably more important to find a team of lawyers that agree with your company and what it does instead of finding a lawyer that simply has experience.

It’s incredibly difficult to find a lawyer than can appreciate what you do and go the extra mile for you, which is why it’s recommended to find lawyers as soon as your business starts up. This way, you can hire even inexperienced lawyers as long as they are passionate about your business and ideals so they can grow alongside you instead of trying to fit in.