5 Signs that a Personal Injury Lawyer is Right for You

Personal Injury Law

If you have been injured or taken ill as a result of an incident that was not your fault, you may be eligible to receive compensation. Every day, people file thousands of personal injury claims, whether they have been injured in the workplace, involved in a road traffic accident, or harmed in some other way which has had a detrimental effect on their health, wellbeing, income, and schedule.

If you believe that you could be entitled to compensation for an injury or illness that you have sustained, the first step is to make sure that you find the right personal injury lawyer to fight your case and increase your chances of winning the money that you deserve. We’ve listed some of the main signs to look out for when you’re determining whether or not a personal injury lawyer is right for you.


When choosing a personal injury lawyer, the first and often most important thing that you will need to ask them is how much experience they have fighting cases similar to yours. Although many lawyers will be trained in personal injury, it’s always good to have a lawyer such as Thomas J. Henry, who specializes in this type of case and therefore has a lot of relevant experience and expertise that will help to improve your chances of winning. Along with having a lot of experience, it’s also vital to enquire about the type of success rates that your prospective lawyer enjoys.


Throughout your personal injury case, you will need to stay in contact with your lawyer so that you’re both regularly updated with any new developments, news or important information that could affect the results of your case. When you are looking at prospective lawyers to fight your corner, you should pay a lot of attention to things such as how long they take to get back to you, and whether or not it is your actual lawyer that you’re speaking to most of the time, as opposed to an assistant. A lawyer who finds it difficult to keep in touch or never has much time to speak could be a huge sign that they are already committed to too much work.


As mentioned earlier, a lawyer who has a large workload at the same time as your case may find it difficult to stay in touch as they will have a lot of commitments to uphold. A big mistake that many people make when choosing a personal injury lawyer is failing to enquire about the amount of work that they will be taking on at the same time. Although many lawyers are perfectly capable of working different cases at the same time, taking on a large number of cases at once can prove tricky, and could lead to a lack of time, resources or both when it comes to handling and winning your case.


When choosing a lawyer for your personal injury case, it’s not only important to select an individual who knows the industry and is well experienced, you should also find a lawyer who you get on with and connect with on a personal level. Although the lawyer-client relationship is almost always strictly professional and the two of you may never meet up or socialize post-case, it’s vital that the person who fights your case is somebody who you can form a good relationship with. Although good lawyers will still do their job regardless of their personal views of their client, having a good relationship definitely makes things easier for both parties.


Last but not least, looking for any hidden costs is a must when selecting a personal injury lawyer. When selecting a law professional, one of the main qualities to look for is transparency, as a lawyer who isn’t forthcoming in the beginning could cause issues for you later on down the line during your personal injury case. A good lawyer will be completely transparent with you from the beginning about what to expect, what is expected of you, and the fees that you can expect to pay for their service whether you win or lose your case.

When choosing a lawyer to fight a personal injury case, you will want to be assured that you have chosen the right person to support you and win the compensation that you deserve. Personal injury cases can be quite taxing, which is why choosing the right lawyer for the job is so essential. These are just some of the main qualities that you’ll need to look for.