Why Studying Online Alongside a Retail Job Can Help You Get the Career in Retail Management You Want

How to Make Your University Education Cheaper

If you currently work in retail and have aspirations toward a career in retail management, for instance running your own branch of a retail chain or opening your own shop, then you may think the only way to go about it is to work hard for a long time, gaining the experience to eventually move up the ladder with your current employer. However, this isn’t your only option.

Online Degrees

If you have enough free time outside of your job to put in a couple of hours most days, then you could study and get an online business administration degree or similar from a good online college. This will make you stand out from other retail employees for things like management promotions or head office jobs.

Gain Your Degree without Sacrificing Your Income

One of the best things about online business programs is that they allow you to study in your own time, and at your own pace, while still getting all the help you need from highly qualified tutors, as well as streamed lectures and great resources you can access over the internet. This means that even if you work unusual hours, you can fit your course around your current job and study without any loss of income. Some employers even offer help in the form of extra paid time off for study and exams, or they might even meet some of the cost of your online business degree if you explain to management that you are doing it to further your career with them. If you never had the opportunity to go to college before you started working, then an online business administration degree could be a great way to get the education you want while still being able to support yourself and gain valuable professional experience from your existing job.

Why Study Business?

Of course, there are lots of courses you could consider that might help you further your retail career. However, business administration degrees are a great choice because they will teach you about things like managing people, financial management and human resources, all of which are key in managing a retail branch. While many decisions are made by the head offices of retail chains, branch managers are responsible for their staffing and managing the people who work in the branch, along with other things like local marketing and promotions. An online degree in business will help you understand how to do all of these things well, and when paired with your experience of working in a branch, you will be an excellent candidate for managerial roles!

If your ambition is to stay working in a retail environment but move into positions with greater responsibility, prestige and remuneration, then studying for a business degree in your free time outside of work is one of the best things you can do to help you reach your career goals. It can even give you the skills you need to run your own retail business in the future!