5 Easy Skills You Can Turn into Money Right Now

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You might have just started on the road to finding a career or you may be unhappy in your work and looking for something else. The biggest barrier most people come up against when looking for a new career path is that they feel that they don’t have the correct skills to move in a new direction.

Luckily, we live in the age of online tutorials, courses and blogs. There is a wealth of information out there that will allow you to grasp basics skills in no time and develop into an expert as you hone your skills over time. Here are a few skills that you can learn right now that could give you great returns in the long run.

# 1 Mr/Mrs Fix-it

If it can be broken, then chances are that there is someone online who is able to fix it and show you how. The secret to becoming successful at repairs is to stay focused on one item/product and really master that skill. Once you can fix said item quickly and efficiently, add it to your repertoire. An example of this is learning how to repair broken phone screens. Find a common problem and a corresponding skill that is in high demand.

# 2 Copywriting

There are literally thousands of entrepreneurs online willing to pay you to maintain their blog, write reviews, product descriptions and copy for their websites. If your previous work or study required a good command of language, there are many outsourcing services willing to give you writing work almost immediately. However, remember that it is a competitive market and don’t expect to be earning huge amounts straight away. But once you have your foot in the door, you will find clients will keep coming back for your work.

# 3 Digital Marketing

If you see yourself as an entrepreneur, marketing can be a very lucrative business to get into. Online marketing can depend on your understanding of search engine optimisation (SEO) or other online marketing methods such as PPC marketing or social media.

Many people start their digital marketing career through affiliate marketing (advertising others products for a commission). There are many tutorials and guides showing you how to start in affiliate marketing and software you can use to ensure that you are using the best keywords for optimisation. However, this is a field of work where you have to keep your finger on the pulse. Search engines like Google are known for changing their algorithms regularly, so you’ll need to keep abreast of current trends in the marketing and technological world at all times.

#4 Driving

Whether it’s working as a Uber driver, trucker or in delivery, there will always be a demand for good drivers. You could also work as a valet, obtain a taxi license, or even become a bus driver. Many schools specialise in larger vehicles and courses are usually very affordable considering the value of the skill you’ll be acquiring. However, please note that many driver services will require that you pass an aptitude test before you start. Talking a few mock tests from sites such as Toptests would be a great way to brush up on your skills first. If you want to learn more about Toptests or even take one of their tests, visit

#5 Learn an Instrument

If you are more of a creative type and want to do something that puts you in the spotlight, then you might consider taking up a musical instrument. You could decide to enrol for private classes, a musical school or even watch one of the many tutorials on YouTube to get started. Tutorials range from absolute beginner all the way up to fine mastery of the instrument of your choice.

Whatever career path you would like to have a go at just remember: keep at it. Just because you’ve taken a course or tutorial doesn’t mean you’re an expert. The more practice/experience you can get in, the more successful you will be, so never give up!