What an MSN in Nursing Has to Offer – 5 Good Paying Jobs

What an MSN in Nursing Has to Offer - 5 Good Paying Jobs

When it comes to seeking a career with a future, any job within healthcare is going to be a great opportunity as there is a severe shortage of professionals across the board. From nurses, to nursing assistants, to doctors and even healthcare administrators, every position imaginable has been hit hard by this shortage. No one knows this better than nurses, so if you are seeking an advanced degree, an MSN in nursing administration would open doors for you, giving you that career with a future. Here are five different career paths to follow that would offer better-than-average pay.

1. Nurse Administrators

Although many healthcare managers can attain an entry level position with a bachelors in science, most nurse administrators hold at least an MSN administration degree. The median pay at the moment is $94,500 but that figure was released in December of 2015 which means that the actual median salary is several thousand higher than that. Expected growth rate between 2014 and 2024 is projected to be at 26 percent, making the rate of projected growth much higher than the national average for all careers.

2. Nurse Educators

If you specialize in an education tract when working towards that MSN in nursing, you can hope to earn roughly $77,000 with potential growth coming in at 26 percent by 2020. These nursing educators work at vocational institutions, in hospitals and in colleges to teach nursing and for anyone who is happy to work with enthusiastic student nurses, this is a wonderful career.

3. Research Nurses

At the rate at which technology is advancing, the medical and scientific communities are working around the clock to find cures for things once thought to be incurable. These nurses typically work with government or university laboratories, in hospital labs or even with pharmaceutical companies but in any event, this career is in great demand and the median pay is somewhere around $90,000 and the growth rate for this profession is expected to be at 26 percent as well.

4. Nurse Practitioner Manager

Once you have an MSN in nursing with a focus on being a nurse practitioner, it is possible to also begin working as a nurse practitioner administrator, especially in large institutions where there may be several, if not dozens of NPs on staff. Being a nurse practitioner carries with it huge responsibilities so you can imagine the load a nurse practitioner administrator would carry. Since NPs average about $80k a year, you can expect a position in administration to pay at least $10,000 more a year – often even more than that.

5. Medical or Administrative Consultants

Finally, as an RN with an advanced degree in nursing administration you can either start a consultancy or land a job as an administrative consultant. Not only do clinics and hospitals always need qualified nurses but they also need a strong administration. Here is where you can take your expertise to show others how to set up and maintain an administrative office. Key problems can be identified and by the time your work is done, those nurse administrators will be running a smooth operation.

These are among the most in-need and highest paying jobs you can qualify for with an MSN in nursing. If you are already licensed as an RN and are thinking of advancing your career, this is a tract that can take you straight to the top of earning potential in your field.