Unbelievable Laws That Americans Still Need To Live By

Unbelievable Laws That Americans Still Need To Live By

Politics is super hard to understand. After all, if it were easy we’d all have a chance of becoming President! And as politics and law are pretty much tied up together, there is no wonder that the legal side of life can be difficult for us all as well. But if you do enough research into the laws of the land, you will find that politics and law can be very weird at times! That’s because most US states still have many outdated laws in place. Even though you may rarely be in a position to know these archaic laws anymore, they are still fun to read through for a laugh.  Ready for a lighthearted look at politics and the law? Here are some of America’s most unbelievable laws.

Alaska: It Is Illegal To Be Drunk In A Bar

Sorry Alaskans, but you’re going to need to leave a bar before you get drunk! This crazy law states that it is illegal for people to knowingly get drunk in a bar and then remain on the premises. But then what is the point in going to a bar in the first place?! Thankfully, this strange law isn’t upheld that much. Most of the bars in Alaska must be happy that it isn’t. Otherwise, they’d go out of business pretty sharpish!

North Carolina: Bingo Games Must Not Last For Longer Than Five Hours

Were you planning on spending your whole Saturday playing bingo with some friends? Sadly, you can’t do this in North Carolina. If you do, the police have every right to come and put a stop to your fun. Don’t worry, though, just head south to South Carolina, where there are no restrictions on bingo games!

Texas: It Is Illegal To Sell Your Eyeballs

Don’t go selling your eyeballs in the state of Texas. Otherwise, you may end up calling Scheiner Law to get you out of a sticky situation. Even though this law is completely baffling, you may be surprised to hear that it isn’t the most craziest in Texas! For example, did you know that the Encyclopedia Britannica is banned throughout Texas? That’s because it contains a recipe for home-brewed beer!

Indiana: Liquor Stores Can’t Sell Cooled Soda Or Water

But if you want to buy some unchilled soda or water in an Indiana Liquor store, it’s perfectly fine. So if you need to buy a mixer for your vodka, you are going to have to chill it yourself at home. Actually, this law doesn’t just dictate what temperature soda or water should be sold at. Indiana liquor stores have a complete list of drinks and what temperature they should be sold at.

New Hampshire: It Is Illegal To Collect Or Carry Seaweed At Night

This law is tied into regulations that are in place to protect game and fish. And seaweed is as much a commodity as game and meat to some people. That’s because it can be used as animal feed and fertilizer. So, as a matter of fact, this law is quite as crazy as it may sound at first.