5 Good Investments for Students to Make

Getting Financially prepared

While you are a student, money can be difficult. Even if you’re studying online, such as an online MSW, you’re not going to want to spend all of your free time working. You need to be able to devote time to your studies. If you do manage to make even a little spare cash, it’s a great time to consider making some investments. You could end up making money without having to do anything after the initial investment.

Savings Accounts

We all know that interest rates aren’t great now, but don’t let that put you off saving. Shop around and speak to someone at your bank. You might find if you open an investment savings account, and make regular payments into it, however small, you end up with a nice little sum; without having to work for it.


Collectables are a great investment. You could pick something up from an antiques store, or even thrift shop, for a small fee. You might find that in a few years it’s worth a fortune. Great things to look out for are antiques, art, old toys and memorabilia. You could find yourself with quite a collection if you do a little research and shop in the right places. If there’s something you already know a lot about, use it to your advantage.


Admittedly, to buy property you’ll need some start-up money. But as soon you’ve got it, there’s nothing better you can do with it. If you time it right, and get to know the housing market, a property you buy now could, in a few years, make you an absolute fortune. Property investment gives you the opportunity to rent it out to earn money now, to fix it up ready for resale, or to make it your home. Taking that first step on the property ladder is the most important investment you will ever make.


Buying stocks is basically buying a share in a company. The growth of those shares is dependent on the income and value of the company. There’s a lot of options here as to what to invest and how much. Should you invest all of your money in the same place, or buy lots of stocks in one company? Should you invest in a small growing company, or one that’s already large and safe? Consider all your options before you decide.

Further Education

Invest in yourself. While this may not seem like an investment, it could be the most profitable of all. Spending money on further education, like taking an MSW online program and studying for an online masters in social work, will prepare you for a much higher paid job in the future. You’ll be able to start earning at a much higher level if you earn a post graduate degree. Your cash return will be accompanied by happiness, success and fulfilment.

I know the idea of investing when you’re a student struggling for cash can seem a little odd. But with so many options as to how you can invest, even a small amount of money invested wisely can go a long way.