Factors Influencing Child Support during Separation

Factors Influencing Child Support during Separation

During a separation, both the parties go through a lot of emotional stress. There is much more than just mutual agreement, the situation can be equally stressful emotionally as well as financially. The separation can be based on two factors, either marital or de facto, where both the parties mutually agree to move on. However, if this relationship has children involved, then the situation requires more than just legal support. An agreement over the matter has to be reached, which would be for the benefit for both the parties. A legal firm should be approached, which would be well equipped to support on divorce law, spouse support and child maintenance with competence and care. The circumstances are stressful and it is really difficult to take decision for the benefit of the family, and this is when the family lawyer can help the client in the right direction.

For the better child support

Any decision for child support is derived based on the legal structure provided in “Child Support Assessment Act 1989”. However, there are various other determining factors that shape the outcome of the decision, mainly the circumstances and the earning potentials of parents. The child’s parents can get a fairly estimated idea by visiting the website for child support legal structures and calculate the assessment. Also, considering the situation DHS, “The department for Human Services” can set up the minimum entitlement for the child, to be contributed by a single or both the parents. However, in exceptional cases a review can be requested.  But once the assessment is made, it stands still; both the child and parents has to abide by this.

Instead of applying to DHS, parents can also choose an alternative way of selecting an agreement for the child, which can be either long term or short term. That is the amount of monetary support to be borne by either or both the parents from time to time for the child. It is when the help from an experienced child custody lawyers Sydney firm comes highly helpful. And once these agreements are submitted to the DHS, they can provide the final decree for enforcing the same.

Deciding the minimum cost

There is a set legislative formula for deciding the compensation structure. This formula takes the wider perspective of the factors:

  • The minimum cost for the child to ensuring a better future
  • How much the parent or the parents are earning
  • If the child would be living with the parents
  • If there is any more than one child
  • If there is any other child’s custody expenses are running simultaneously

Some of the vital factors that decide the custody costs are the rent and house hold expenses for the individual who will be taking care and staying with the child. Utility payments involved for the child and the individual taking care of the child are also considered. Apart from these, there are school fees, child care expenses, medical expenses and other miscellaneous expenses.

There is still scope of raising an objection if any of the parents do not agree with the assessment decision. The objection raised has to be internal and has to have the details of the specifics of why there is an objection. The parents who reconcile, they are immune from the payment for at least 6 months, however these payments has to be continued, if they anew the separation.