Nine Ways To Protect Your Business From Crime Without Breaking The Bank

Nine Ways To Protect Your Business From Crime Without Breaking The Bank

Businesses have a lot to think about when it comes to crime. In this day and age, crime mostly occurs through data leaks and hackers. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you put a lot of resources into digital security. What should come as a surprise is that your physical security isn’t up to scratch. Sure, your digital security is important, but it isn’t the only factor. Thieves will just as likely try and break into your premises if they get the chance. Obviously, you want to know how to keep your premises safe when this happens. It is all well and good saying that you need CCTV cameras, but what are the other methods? After all, you might not have the money to pay for the conventional methods. Here’s how you can protect your business from crime without spending a fortune.

Carry Out A Risk Assessment

You will do risk assessments all the time for a variety of different hazards. Still, you might not think to do one for security purposes. To begin with, where would you start? Well, you start by searching your premises for any weak points of threats. The most obvious are the gaps in fences and lack of security systems onsite. But, there is a range of different threats that you need to spot if you want to stay safe. Http:// has more information if you are still unsure. That is why it is important to complete a thorough check and double check. The odds of missing something three or four times are quite low. As long as you know what to look for, you will spot the hazards. All you have to do then is take care of them quickly and efficiently. If there is a gap, fill it in, or get an alarm if you don’t have one.

And Carry Out Regular Checks

It isn’t okay to do a risk assessment once every blue moon and think you are safe. Any business that wants to take its security seriously needs to perform regular checks. Why? It is an important feature because security is forever changing. You never know when something is obsolete or has a flaw. To keep up to date with your security needs, you have to keep your finger on the pulse. With that in mind, perform regular checks once every month. You can make it once every two or three if you prefer but sooner is better. Don’t take your security for granted by being lazy and assuming you are in control. Take control by seizing the situation by the scruff of the neck.

Secure The Premises

This is where CCTV and advanced alarm systems come into play. As soon as a thief sees a camera, they think twice about making a move. The reason for this is that there is a better chance of them being spotted with a high-resolution camera. As you know, they are quite expensive. Fortunately, there is an alternative: dummy cameras. Dummy cameras don’t cost as much because they don’t work. Still, there are very effective because a burglar doesn’t know when a camera is on or off. As such, they have to assume it works, and so it has the same effect. Even more basic features are things such as high gates and security guards. Fences are basic, but they hard to scale, especially if you cover them with barbed wire. And, a few security guards will be able to alert you to any harmful scenarios. They might not be able to respond, but they will see the incident.

Train Everyone How To Act

Sometimes, a felony will occur when you or your staff is at work. Unfortunately, there isn’t much anyone can do to stop this from happening once they enter the premises. One thing you can do, however, is to train people how to act. The reason crime is a threat to a person’s security is because most people don’t know how to act. If they did, they would save themselves and their employees a lot of hassle. In basic terms, you should train them to do as there are told. There is no telling what a thief will do during the heat of the moment. So, no one should try and be a hero. What they should do is follow the security protocols. If you are clever, you will have a backup plan such as an emergency button. If everyone knows to press this button, a security team will arrive promptly. Hopefully, that will be enough to deter the burglars.

Hire A Security Firm

Talking of security firms, you might want to consider making an investment. No one wants to criticize the emergency services because they do the best they can with their resources. Regardless, you can’t afford to wait around for their help. You need a team on the scene as soon as you make them aware. That is the only way to prevent the thieves from ransacking the building. Plus, it also helps limit the damage. A security firm is normally quicker to respond than the police. That is because they can limit their clients to provide the best customer service. When you hire their services, you know that you will get a quick response. And, they are generally on call 24/7. Obviously, the price is a factor. However, a security firm will take care of all of your security needs. So, the monthly payments you make include a variety of features. That lowers the cost significantly and makes them more affordable.

Use Electronic Key Fobs

A feature of most modern businesses is an electronic security system. The system recognizes the info on a key fob and lets the person into the building. As you control who gets a fob, you control who walks through the door. The fact that anyone can walk into your building is a massive security flaw. Even if they don’t make a move, they can scope the place out for future reference. Your business doesn’t want to leave anything to chance, which is why a system is a good choice. Don’t worry if you lose your fob because you can clone one at Or, for extra security, you can replace the fobs with new keys or a new system. It is a lot harder to enter a building when you need a card or a fob to gain entry. It is like walking into a house without a set of keys.

Keep An Eye On Employees

It isn’t a nice thought, but your employees are a security risk. In fact, the numbers suggest they are one of the biggest. It is important to note that most staff members are good, trustworthy people. However, there will be one or two that look to take advantage. They will do that by stealing whatever they can to sell for a few extra bucks. If you notice strange things like inventory going missing, it is a bad sign. Almost everyone in the business has access to inventory, and it is most likely going to be an inside job. To prevent employee theft, make them responsible. You can assign tasks and duties so that it is harder for them to steal from under your nose. Or, you can allocate tags to your stock so that you who had it and when. It sounds like you are a cynical boss, but you aren’t cynical. In truth, you are aware of one of the biggest threats to your company.

Shred Sensitive Information

One or two security risks fall into both categories. Writing down sensitive information is one of those risks. Obviously, it is a dangerous data leak because anyone can see the information. But, it is also a physical danger because anyone can pick it up and take it offsite. Unlike computers and equipment, you can’t tag a piece of paper. As soon as someone has it, you won’t know who that person is unless you have video footage. As you can see, it is very easy to bring a company and its customers to its knees. That is why you should shred any piece of paper that contains important data. Shredding it pretty much makes it impossible to recover. It is possible, but it would take painstaking effort. And, most common criminals don’t have the time or inclination. Your data should only be on your server as your server has protection. A spare piece of paper has no protection, and that is a problem.

Talk To A Thief

If you know a reformed thief, ask them for advice. There is no better way to enhance your security than talking to a person that used to steal for a living. They will be able to give you an insight into the minds of the criminals. And, as a result, you will be able to negate their attacks. A police officer is also a good source of information. They deal with theft on a daily basis, and they are also experts in the area.