Some Of The Hugest Lawsuits Going On In 2016

Big Lawsuits

We live in a world where we’re ever defining the times that transgressions in our lives should result in monetary compensation. Some people think that this is the rise of a sue happy culture that’s often parodied and made fun of in media. However, others see it as an entirely good thing. We’re starting to make people accountable for the bad decisions and broken systems that are affecting our society. So in this article, we’re going to take a look at four of the more interesting and large cases of legal damages. Both in particular cases and trends that are becoming all the more common.

Bad drug suits

We all know that pharmaceutical companies aren’t necessarily out to be as helpful as they can. We’re not going to throw in an opinion on vaccines here. Instead, we’re focusing on the multitude of huge cases in recent history about drugs that do more harm than good. Recent cases include the Xarelto lawsuit. This one’s about a drug that can cause uncontrollable internal bleeding. Drug producers are also more liable for cases in which side effects are hidden on the label. One recent case is of a chemotherapy drug that made no mention of hair loss as a side effect.

Personal injury

Worker’s compensation is increasingly become the bane of any employer. Personal injury suits in work are by no means new, but are becoming even more prevalent than ever. As are personal injury cases in general. Around 31 million people in the US are treated are treated for injuries, of which 2 million require hospitalization. More and more, we see people looking to those responsible for these injuries. Lawyers deal with slips, trips and falls every day. These injuries are only becoming easier to capitalize in a court of law thanks to how prevalent CCTV footage is.

The case of Hulk Hogan

One of the more bizarre and interesting cases in the news latest has to be that regarding the famous pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan. Celebrity sex tapes are nothing new, but the successful lawsuit of Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker Media is. Gawker might be the first huge publication on the internet we’ve seen in a lawsuit this large. When said tape of Hulk Hogan led to his dismissal from the WWE and was obtained without his consent to filming, Gawker faced fees of $140 million. This case has opened a whole new can of worms regarding journalism and free speech which is sure to go on for some time.

Worthless educations

Another lawsuit that could set an interesting precedent is that of Anna Alaburda. Another concept that’s far from new is college graduates who are unhappy that their degree hasn’t made it easier for them to find employment. However, Anna is going even further in launching a lawsuit against the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. The case is ongoing, so we don’t know whether this will set a precedent at all. However, it’s clear that we’re seeing all kinds of new, huge lawsuits that have the potential to change what we see as ‘sue worthy’ in the near future.