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Criminal Attorney

We live in a civilized society which is governed by certain laws and order. The laws are in place to protect and safeguard us. To understand and apply the complex machinery of the law, we have lawyers who are technical experts and counsellors. Lawyers help their clients understand the legal nitty-gritty and offer advice on what is right. The lawyer voices the opinion of the clients and defends them in the legal proceedings with an approach which is in the clients’ best interest.

The legal proceedings primarily fall into two main categories:

  • civil litigation
  • criminal litigation

The role of criminal defence attorneys

Criminal defence attorneys represent people, organizations or entities that have been charged with crimes, in court. Crimes could range from a simple misdemeanour to a severe felony and the punishment can vary from a small fine or community service to imprisonment or even death, in severe cases.  To successfully navigate the complicated criminal law system, those charged with committing a crime need the help of criminal lawyers Sydney. These lawyers handle a broad spectrum of cases that include sex crimes, domestic violence crimes, and assault/murder and drug crimes to theft, embezzlement, DUI and fraud.

Why hire a criminal defence attorney?

The major role of these lawyers is to defend the accused and also to protect the people from the adverse implications from false accusations. Criminal defence attorneys or lawyers prioritize the issues and represent the defendant in the best way that results in a fair outcome for the accused. Their broad scope of practice includes, bail bond hearings, plea bargains, pre-trial and trial, appeals, revocation hearings (probation or parole), and remedies of post conviction. They will help the clients with

-investigating and researching the case thoroughly

-interviewing the witnesses

– researching crimes codes, case law and statutes

-building and developing a defence and legal strategy

-drafting, filing and arguing appeals and motions

-negotiating with the court and prosecution to drop or reduce the charges

-arranging for and moving applications for bail

-ensuring a fair trial for the client and if required, file a claim for civil rights violation

An individual has the right to of self-representation during the criminal trial proceedings; however, there could be serious consequences of a poor legal representation. Misdemeanours and minor crimes entail only a fine or a brief sentence, while felonies, and serious crimes, can result in long jail terms and even death. It is therefore, very important to hire someone who has the knowledge and expertise in law and who can rightly argue on your behalf, in the court.


The criminal law is a tough field to get into and even tougher to maintain. Criminal defence attorneys are well trained to highlight the special components of each case. They have the expertise to spot certain factors and arguments that can either mitigate or even negate potentially any crime. Criminal attorneys must possess excellent skills of written as well as oral advocacy to present and argue a client’s case before the court and persuade the jury. Investigative, analytical and research skills are also important in building a strong defence and develop a robust legal strategy. They are required to have a deep understanding of rules and regulations related to local, federal and state, court procedures as well as evidentiary laws for efficiently and competently navigating the complex system of criminal justice.

A seasoned lawyer knows exactly the difference between reading and actually practicing law.