How To Minimize The Financial Fallout Of Personal Injury

Personal Injury Law

The financial fallout from personal injury claims can be enormous. There are medical expenses, lost wages and the costs of ongoing disability.

That means that you should be looking to maximize the amount of money you get from your settlement. Here’s how to do it.

Get An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

When choosing a personal injury lawyer, look out for lawyers with sound credentials. Check local injury lawyer sites like for experience. And keep an eye out for any feedback given by previous clients.

Look out for injury lawyers that just want to settle with insurance companies just to save time. Make sure that your lawyer is prepared to fight your case in court if the insurance company offers a low ball settlement. You don’t want to end up in a situation where your costs are not covered.

Keep Evidence For The Trial

In a personal injury suit, it’s the claimant’s responsibility to prove their case. That means that it is extremely important that you preserve any evidence that you might need. Physical evidence can be quickly lost following an accident, so anything that you do have is critical.

There are numerous ways you can preserve evidence. One obvious way to do so is to take photographs. If you have a smartphone, snap a few shots of the accident scene if you can straight after the crash. Also, take pictures of your own injuries, or ask somebody else to do so. This will give the court an impression of the severity of your injuries.

Also, make sure that you record the location of the accident. Often accidents happen while we’re in unfamiliar places. But it will help your case enormously if you can say exactly when and where your accident took place.

Finally, gather as many witnesses as you can. In a court of law, witnesses who can vouch for the truth of your claim matter a lot. There are plenty more tips at

Stay Away From Social Media

After you have had a personal injury, stay off social media entirely. Post no photos or updates of any kind.

You would be amazed at what evidence the defense can bring up to reduce the value of your claim. They will trawl your accounts to find any evidence they can that shows that you’re not as hurt as you say you are. Even posting pictures of yourself on Facebook smiling can be enough to convince the court that your injuries aren’t as severe as you claim.

Disclose Any Previous Injuries

Often personal injury claimants have had injuries in the past. Usually, this isn’t a problem in itself. It’s hiding the fact that you have made personal injury claims in the past that is.

But you could also be missing out if you don’t mention a preexisting injury or a prior claim. As the person who has been injured, you have a right to be compensated more if a new injury has made an old one worse.