How To Impress Your Business Associates During Your First Meeting

Business Meeting

In the world of business, first impressions count. Whether you’re giving a presentation or entertaining, you want your professionalism to shine through. This initial meeting can open the door to a wealth of opportunities from investments to career progression. So you need to get it right first time. If you have an upcoming meeting with business associates you’ve never met before, you need to know how to impress them. Here are some fool-proof suggestions that you should consider using to get the result you require.

Rent a limo

While there is probably nothing wrong with your own car, it may not have the space, comfort or style you require. So why not rent a limo instead to pick your associates up from the airport or office. It can provide you with a driver to get you to your destination, space to chat and gives the trip a more luxurious edge. It will be hard for your business associates and colleagues not to be impressed when travelling in such a pristine vehicle. You can see for details on prices and availability. Always book in advance and confirm the reservation a few days before to avoid disappointment on the day.

Research their customs

If you are entertaining visitors from overseas, a simple way to impress them is by using their country’s customs during your meeting. For instance, in China is polite to give gifts before business meetings and introductions. They will also refuse these gifts three times before accepting them. These customs vary all over the world so do you research beforehand. Find out some background information on each of the associates you are meeting and get yourself prepared. You can get a better understanding using travel books. Or by visiting sites like Always triple check the region in which they are travelling from and try to learn how to say hello and thank you in their native tongue. This shows initiative and willingness to please which can only be beneficial.

Make reservations

Decide in advance the activities and restaurants you intend to take your associates to and always make reservations. This shows everyone that you have planned ahead and made an effort. Even if the establishment doesn’t take bookings, always ring ahead and speak to the manager. This will inform them that you intend to visit and they can make suitable arrangements to suit your requirements. You can read online reviews to find highly recommended restaurants on or When choosing activities, consider what your associates might enjoy doing and not just what you want to do. Having these things planned ahead is bound give the great first impression you desire.

By making a fantastic first impression, you are showing how capable, experienced and reliable you are. This speaks volumes in business and your associates will appreciate all the effort you have gone to. Never underestimate the power a single meeting can have. You never know what possibilities may come your way afterwards.