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Your Home Won’t Sell If Your Roof Isn’t In Shape, And This Is Why

Your Home Won't Sell If Your Roof Isn't In Shape, And This Is Why

When many people look to sell a home, they envisage a smooth, hassle-free process with the money in their back pocket within days. However, the reality of the situation is never this. More often than not, sellers get caught in an arduous battle with a stingy buyer and their home doesn’t shift too quickly. But maybe they were being stingy for a reason?

A problematic roof is a huge put-off for people buying a property. It means the home could be cold, less resistant to weather and less visually appealing. What’s more, roof problems are often expensive to fix, especially if you’ve just put down a 10 percent deposit. The last thing you’ll have money for is a roof replacement.

So, ensure your roof is perfect before you sell. Get a roof inspection done if necessary, in case you aren’t sure. In some cases, they’re free. Here are a number of reasons why a tatty roof can equal a nightmare sale for you.

– It costs people a lot to get the roof done, so take that into consideration.

When people are buying a home, they generally want everything to be in top shape before they move in. Unless they’re a property investor with an eye for improvement, buyers want as little work to do as possible. Roofing and all related jobs are generally a pain for new homeowners to deal with, especially if they don’t know the property too well. If they see your roof is in poor condition, they’ll be less tempted to buy.

So, make sure the roof is fixed for the next people that move in. Check out before you sell and get a quote. If the roof is perfect, you could even add a couple of thousand onto the asking price. If you can produce warranties and roof inspection certificates that prove it’s in impeccable shape, you’ll sell a lot quicker.

In addition, flat roofs are harder to sell, so consider changing it to a standard sloped roof. Flat roofs can’t cope as well in winter and harsh conditions, and put many people off.

– Your home won’t be as energy efficient as it could be

Imagine moving into a brand new home, only to find there’s a draft or leakage in the roof? You’d be pretty annoyed I’m guessing. That’s why people thoroughly check the roof of a house before they buy, and if they aren’t convinced, they won’t purchase.

A site like can give you information on how roofing improves energy efficiency. You can add all the insulation and central heating you want but if that roof is lacking the house will be too.

All sellers are legally obligated to produce the property’s EPC to anyone who asks for it. This is a display of how energy efficient the property is, and is determined with an energy audit. If your audit turns out bad, consider the reasons why and inspect that roof!

For more, less roof-centric reasons as to why your home won’t sell, take a look at our list of reasons why you can’t flog that property.