Make Your Van Hire Business A Success

Van Hire

Starting any business can seem like something of an uphill struggle. But as long as you take it slow and don’t get overly stressed, it can work out well. When you are starting a van hire business, there are certain basic aspects which you need to consider. The first things to consider are the legal requirements. It’s important that you are fully insured for all your vans. It’s also important that everyone you hire is of age and has a licence. These are the bare essentials, but if you want to succeed then there is more still to consider. In order to delight your customers, you need to fulfil certain quota. Customers can be quite demanding and there are certain things which you need to take on board. Let’s take a look at the main ones now.


Provide Variety

Something which customers everywhere really appreciate is a good variety of choice. This is usually the case, from supermarkets to insurance providers. It is no different for you and your van hire company. You should ensure that you are providing your customers with as much variety as possible. People will be coming to you for all sorts of different reasons, so it is worth having different vans for different scenarios. It’s also a good idea to offer different kinds of services. For example, you could have a combination of both van-only and van-and-trailer services. Or you could offer a member of staff to drive the van for the day. Remember, too, that you need to have all sorts of different sized vans. People will come to you with varying scale jobs, so having as much variety as possible is a very good idea.

Keep Your Vans In Good Repair

As you are running a transportation company, you will need to ensure that your vehicle are kept properly. This is both a matter of respect towards the customer, and also a legal and moral duty. It is one of your main responsibilities to ensure the safety of every van in your fleet. A great way to ensure that your vans are safe is to treat them as you would a personal car of your own. Set up a schedule for checking them – daily, weekly, and monthly. During these checks, look over all the essentials. Oil, water, tyre pressure – everything. Tyres are a particular area of concern, as van tyres need replacing more often than those for cars. But as long as you pay close attention, everything should be fine. Remember to make it a golden rule that if a van is less than perfect, you don’t lease it out to anyone.

Offer Great Deals

Any business needs to draw people in as much as possible – particularly in the early days. That’s why you should remember to offer your new customers fantastic deals on all your vans. You will find that you have a lot of returning customers as well. Many people use van hire businesses on a semi-professional basis. For those people, why not consider offering a loyalty scheme of some kind. You could give a discount after every certain number of hires from your firm. Whatever the nature of your offers, this is a sure way to draw people in early on.