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Is Your Home Not Selling? Here’s Why

Investing In Real Estate

In your head, your house sells within a matter of days. But, in reality, it can take far longer. In fact, some properties just don’t sell. If you have one of these properties, you are in a difficult position. Obviously, you want to sell up as quickly as possible for the best price. However, it seemingly isn’t going to happen, and there is no way to tell why. Or is there? Although you may not know it, your home may have problems that are scaring away potential buyers. Fix these problems, and the offers will fly in.

Repairs And Maintenance

No one is saying that you are trying to pull a fast one, but you may miss repairs that buyers can spot. And, it puts them off if they see that repairs need doing because it means they have to spend money. Your best option is to go over your house with a fine toothcomb. Even if you think you have all the maintenance issues under control, look again. Or, hire a professional contractor to take a look. The price you pay for a contractor could be the difference between selling and waiting another six months.

Not Giving Them What They Want

Again, buyers like to see a house that is almost the finished article for financial reasons. It’s quite simple: the less work they have to do, the less money they have to spend. So, although your home looks fine to you, it may not look fine to a buyer. Try and think like an investor and add features that will make your property more appealing. A conservatory, for example, is great as it adds value to the house and is a nice place to relax. In hot climates, investors may prefer metal roofing as it keeps the temperature cool, which is one reason to hire a metal roofing company. As you can see, the preferences are wide-ranging. The link will give you a more comprehensive idea of what you should and shouldn’t add.

The Price Is Too High

Of course, you want as much money for your property as possible. But, you have to realize that a compromise is necessary. Investors don’t want to spend lots of money – they want to spend as little as possible. The trick is to find a price that you both find agreeable. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t have a figure in your head. But, you will find the figure after a few rounds of negotiation after you get a better understanding of the landscape. The only thing to watch out for is not to buckle under pressure. Buyers won’t settle on a price easily and may even threaten to pull out to get a bigger discount. If the price is already low enough, let them and wait for another offer.

The Area

If a buyer does their research, they will ask you about the neighbors and the local area. For your part, you should be honest. That way, it won’t come back to bite you later on in the negotiations. As long as you are on good terms with the neighbors, there shouldn’t be a problem.