How To Make Sure Your Clients Remember You

Think Like a Customer

Whatever line of business you are in, customer service is vital. Finding new clients is expensive, and it’s much cheaper to sell to older customers that already know what you’re about.

The trouble is, people have a tendency to forget about businesses, no matter how much you have impressed them with your work. It’s one of the reasons why even the giants of companies like Coca-Cola invest so much money in branding and advertising. The understand the importance of making sure people remember them.

So, as a small business or freelance, how can you have a similar effect on your clients? You don’t have the budget, of course, but a little imagination can go a long way. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through the myriad of ideas that will help you stay in the forefront of your client’s minds. Let’s take a closer look.

Remember your clients

You can’t expect your customers to remember you if you don’t remember them, can you? Simple things like recognizing their name, sending them an email, or even giving them an aftercare call can help. It’s all about earning brownie points and keeping those conversations going. And, when your client needs your services again, you will be right there to pick up the pieces.

Be courteous

It’s amazing how far a simple smile and acting like you care about someone can take you. If you are friendly, polite, and professional, it might surprise you how that marks you out from the competition. Think about how you act in front of your customers, and you will start to reap the benefits.

Give them free stuff

Everyone likes free gifts, right? So, when you are working with your clients, make sure that you slip them some branded items, such as pens, USB drives, or mouse mats. Check out the Dynamic Gift store to see the other types of items you can consider. Your clients will use these things at some point in the future, and when they do, it will trigger their memory. If they need more work, they are more likely to have you in mind.

Do a good job, every time

Some clients expect perfection – but the vast majority only want you to do a great job. If you give them the best value you can and offer things like aftercare, they will come back for more. It sounds obvious, but not everyone can be perfect at all times. So, the simple answer is to make sure your clients are always happy with your work. Be honest and use trustworthy practices. It might not be perfect, but with a few tweaks, until they are satisfied, it will go a long way to securing more work.

Be enthusiastic

Whatever line of business your client is, you can bet that they love being in their industry. And, it’s vital that you share that enthusiasm, regardless of your personal thoughts. Showing eagerness and interest in your client’s business can get you in through many different doors. So, show some enthusiasm – and see where it takes you!