How To Deck Out A Killer Workspace

Modern Workspace

Giving your business a killer workspace is a way for you to get an edge on the competition. No, it probably won’t make as big a difference as a successful digital marketing campaign or having a great product. But the place in which you work can influence how you work. And that’s the important point.


If you ever go to Elon Musk’s Tesla factory, you’ll notice that the factory floor is more like an operating theatre than a workshop. The floors are perfectly white and clean. The machines sparkle and glisten as they go about their automated lives. And the engineers don’t have a drop of grime on them.

Why is this? It all comes down to Musk’s belief that the environment in which you work affects the quality of your final product. If it’s acceptable to make a mess on the factory floor, then it’s acceptable to make a mess of the cars themselves.

Obviously, this isn’t acceptable. If your workspace is cluttered, your employees are less likely to take pride in what they do, and this may ultimately affect your product.

Bold, Creative Cladding

Too many places of work are too focused on efficiency and don’t see the value in architectural merit. Take the interior and the exterior walls, for instance. These are often clad in the most uninspiring, 2-D materials that look totally generic.

And there is no need for it. Companies like Ceilings Plus allow you more architectural freedom. If you want interior cladding that is convex or concave, you can. If you want cladding styled or perforated, you can. In fact, these days you can get pretty much any style of exterior cladding you want.

It’s often the cladding for a new building that people really notice. And doing something a little bit bold and a little bit unique can be a magnet for interest and a great way to attract clients.

Zone Your Office Space

Great urban planners zone their cities for a good reason. Heavy industry and sleepy cottages for the elderly don’t make for good neighbours.

The same principles can be applied to the office. If you know that some people need to concentrate intensely whilst they’re in the office, keep them away from major thoroughfares. But also, make spaces for collaboration. These should be separated off from the areas in which people are working on high-intensity, solo tasks.

Add Plants And Natural Light

The best workspaces in the world still play homage to the wider world outside. Why is that? Firstly, having plants, and even open green spaces indoors, makes people feel more relaxed.

But also, studies have shown that just by allowing more natural light into offices, people become more creative. Plus, exposing employees to natural light has significant mental and physical health benefits.

Use Iconic Objects To Brand The Office Space

You can use objects that represent the company to set the mood in your office space. If you are a design studio, perhaps you could even use your own work to foster creativity in your team and build a unique atmosphere.