Crime Rates In America: All You Need To Know!

Crime Rate in America

If you live somewhere, then you’re always going to be concerned about the crime rates. This is the amount of crime that’s happening in any given area. For the purpose of this piece, we’re talking about crime rates in America. There are lots of statistics and news stories out there, but which ones are true/false? If you ask any American what they think of the crime rates, they’ll probably say that they’re quite high.

This perception is usually down to the amount of media coverage that crimes get. If someone commits a crime, you better believe that it will make it on the news. It may be local news, or it could be national news. Either way, people are going to hear about it. Even if you turn on the TV and see one crime reported every day, it seems like a lot to you. Plus, there are lots of things that are considered crimes. Any criminal defense attorney can tell you the long list of both state and federal crimes that can be committed. With so many crimes to commit, you end up with the assumption that crime rates are astronomically high in this country.

But, is this true? Recent crime rates studies, by the FBI, found out that violent crimes had increased in 2015. This was when compared to the violent crime rates in 2014. However, there were things like property crimes that hadn’t increased at all. In fact, they’d decreased. But, it can be said that last year, the crime rates in America had increased on the whole. Nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean that America has the highest crime rates in the world. It just means that crime is on the rise when compared to 2014.

So, what country has the biggest crime rate in the world? I can tell you that it isn’t the USA, but it is one of their South American cousins. The country of Venezuela has been found to have the highest crime rates in the world. In fact, the US sits all the way down in 42nd place. When you take a look at the crime statistics tables, you notice a lot of the top countries are from the same regions. There are loads of South and Central American countries in there, mixed in with a big handful of African ones. Half of the top ten are either from South/Central America!

You can see that there are a lot of countries with higher crime rates than the US, so it clearly isn’t the worst in the world. People that live here just assume that crime is insanely high because that’s all they see on TV. Plus, most of the crimes are being committed in particular areas of the US. There are some places where crime dropped. Many people are afraid to leave their house because they’re lead to believe crime is happening all the time. However, the USA is a much safer place than you might think. Although crime rates have increased, on the whole, they’re still much lower than loads of other countries in the world.