3 Types Of Marketing You Business May Want To Consider

Affordable Marketing Strategy

Is your business is currently in the process of recalculating its marketing budget? If so, then consider these expenses before finalising it! If your company has got into a bit of a rut, and your performances are sub-par, then you need to change things ASAP. Here are three types of marketing that your business, no matter how small, may want to consider.

Customer Relationship Marketing

Customer relationship marketing or CRM is a great way to ensure that your business maintains its existing consumers. By engaging with your customers and keeping them sweet, your business will no longer lose important trade that it was once receiving. A lot of companies are taking this tact when growing or stabilising their businesses, so you should, too. For example, let’s say you run a car dealership. Dealer CRM services could massively increase your business’ profits and vastly grow the company as a result. All of the CRM can be outsourced, leaving you with one less thing to worry about and just one more bill to pay each month. It’s definitely worth the money. CRM services might include contacting your customers via email, phone call or text message. Then they may offer them loyalty bonuses or discounts. These services are all automated, too. So need to keep track of more data! Give it a go, today – it could revolutionize your business!

Social Media Marketing

Next up, if your business hasn’t considered this already, then you’re way behind the times. This is because social media is everything right now. Companies are desperate to up their online presences. This is achieved by splashing their branding across multiple social channels. It only makes sense for you to do the same in order to compete. Your clients will really remember you if you engage with them over sites such as Twitter or Facebook. People often appreciate a more personal touch when doing business or parting with their hard-earned cash. Certain content better suits different social media platforms, however, so be wary when posting! Images, photos and pictures work great on Instagram, whereas videos are best left to YouTube.


Finally, to ensure that your business is discoverable online, you’re going to need to invest in SEO services. For some, this is arguably just a consideration. However, we back SEO as your No. 1 marketing essential. This technique optimizes your place on search engine results. Thus, placing you higher up by link-building across the internet. Ultimately, this makes your website, as well as the rest of your digital presence, far easier to find. What good is your product or service if nobody knows about it or can access it? SEO services are pricey, particularly if you attempt to hire a costly in-house specialist. So, we recommend outsourcing to a digital marketing company to ensure that the professionals get it right for you! If you feel like you need to learn a little more about SEO (search engine optimisation), then give it a quick Google search to discover more!

Ultimately, any of these three marketing methods will stand your company in good stead. Hopefully, your business will give at least one of them a go and see a drastic change in your fortunes!