This Is Why People Don’t Like Your Website

Problems With Websites

You’ve got a great product. You just know it, you feel it in your bones. People have used it and said it’s the best thing since sliced bread. (Which makes it the best invention since 1928, in case you were wondering.) You’ve bought yourself an Internet domain and made yourself a website. Online marketing is where the money is at, right? With this amazing invention and a website from which to purchase it, surely you’ll be a millionaire in no time. So you wait.

And you wait.

And wait.

…still no major interest? It’s possible that no-one likes your website. Yes, I know your invention is incredible. But if your website isn’t incredible then there won’t be much interest. You could get a professional website critic to have a look at it. Or you could hire a conversion rate optimisation service to make sure visitors will turn into customers. If you’d prefer to try figuring it out yourself first, here’s some common problems with websites.

Confusing site navigation!

So you’ve got your user on the landing page. It’s got their attention. They want more information, or they want to purchase it straight away. Look at your website and ask yourself if that’s an easy path to take. All the site navigation should be intuitive and obvious.

A weak sales funnel!

If you don’t have enough customers, it could be a sign that you have what we call a weak sales funnel. A ‘sales funnel’ refers to the user journey from first visit to the purchase of the product. A weak sales funnel is evident when not enough people make it to the main sales page. Find out why this happens. It could be something to do with poor site navigation, as referred to above. Or it could be that the hot sales points of your product aren’t being made clear enough on your website. A good way to deal with the latter is to ask yourself what common problem your product solves. Ensure the website highlights this as soon as the user visits.

It’s slow and/or glitchy!

That video you’ve placed on your front page is making everything else run really slow. A user clicks on ABOUT and gets taken to CONTACT US. Your website isn’t opening at all during certain times of the day. Whatever the issue is, you should have identified it and fixed it before launching your website. You should get some quality assurance, or QA. Dedicated testers that will ensure your website is working correctly. Oh, and consider making sure your programmers are up to the task! Everyone makes mistakes, but if your web developer is making them all the time, consider hiring someone else. If the web developer is you, get some more help in.

It’s not pretty enough!

Yeah, I know it sounds rather shallow. But an aesthetically-pleasing website catches the user’s eye and ignites positivity in their brains. It makes your website memorable. A well-designed website is a joy to use even if the user isn’t (at first) that interested in the product. Get your website looking modern and sexy, inviting users to explore its content.