Think and Act Like A Global Business

Think Like a Global Business

With a few minor exceptions, the World Wide Web really does mean that. Perhaps just as importantly for your business that web is growing exponentially. It is growing in diversity, and it is extending its reach. All of which is good news for you. Strange isn’t then that we still tend to think about markets being local and national. We might extend that to international if we include other English speaking markets.

But the truth is many businesses do not consider themselves to be global entities. That means they are severely limiting their potential. They are restricting access to major possibilities for growth and expansion.

Foreign markets mean more consumers.

That means more demand for your products. In terms of numbers new markets are set to dwarf our existing economies. China, India and South America are all waking up to the potential of online shopping services. In sheer numbers alone if your business is not contemplating these expansions, it may as well be closing its eyes and ears. If you are selling your services to London or New York, then there is no reason you cannot contemplate doing business in Delhi, Shanghai or Brazill. It’s not just about distant and emerging economies either. Can you truly say that you have explored the opportunities in Germany, France, Spain or Finland? If not, then why not? If it is a matter of language, then talk to an agency for translation services. They can translate any correspondence and have you dealing smoothly with customers in any country.

Foreign markets mean new time zones and new opportunities

New time zones mean that your availability had just increased to 24/7. That means you could be doing business while you are sleeping! You now have the added advantage and the perfect excuse to travel around the world with your business. Every country you can imagine has opportunities that you might not have even thought of yet. There could be ways to adapt your existing services or products that might revolutionise lives in other societies. There may be opportunities for opening an office in another country.

Thinking globally broadens your horizons

Once you start to become aware of other cultures and the small things that people do differently it will change the way you think and react. They say travel broadens the mind, and it could bring you openings and opportunities that you can’t even imagine right now. Culturally making inroads into a new market will bring you great respect. Dealing with a customer in his or her own language is a great complement. Observing cultural sensitivity means that you’re honoring other ways of doing business.

There are no international online borders.

Okay, you might have to bear import and export restrictions in mind but for the most part, the web does away with boundaries and borders. International delivery is fast, good and reliable, and it is cheaper than it has ever been to send parcels and packages abroad. Doing business globally is working in a world that has never been more receptive to the international opportunities. Think global, act global and take advantage of them.